Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom Review

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Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom

Record Modes & Menus

AUTO Record Mode

Screen display when shooting in AUTO mode. The left screen is what you see as you are framing and the right screen is after the shutter release is half-pressed to lock the exposure and focus.

The AUTO record mode is a "point-n-shoot" mode where the camera is locked into most default options to insure the best picture under a wide variety of shooting environments. What can be changed is shown in the following menu screens.

Enable 10-second selftimer

Enable voice caption

Adjust the LCD brightness

Setup and File Size (see below)

Image Display - Postview (display and save)
Preview (display and OK before save)
Off - No review before save

Auto Power Save (2 min, 5 min, Off)

USB Mode - DSC (Normal)
PC CAM - Webcam operation

Startup Screen - Display a picture at startup

Date/Time - Set time and date

Frame No. - Sequential numbering or reset

Beep - Off, Low, High

Language - Set menu language

Reset All - Reset all optons to default

6M = 2832 x 2128 (interpolated)
Fine/Normal/Basic quality

3M = 2048 x 1536
Fine/Normal quality

1M = 1280 x 960
Fine/Normal quality

VGA = 640 x 480
Normal quality

MANUAL Record Mode

While not a real manual mode where you can change the shutter speed and aperture values, the FinePix 6800's Manual Record mode is an automatic mode that allows you to change the following settings:

Enable 10-second selftimer

White balance settings

ISO Sensitivity 100, 200, 400

Enable Manual focus

Image Sharpness

Flash compensation

Exposure compensation +/- 2EV

Enable multi-exposure mode

Metering mode: Multi, Center, Spot
Access the SET-UP and FILE SIZE/QUALITY menus the same as shown above for the AUTO mode.

SP Record Mode

Scene Position lets you select Black and White, Night (slow shutter and slow sync flash), Scene (Landscape) or Portrait mode and you can change the following settings:

Set desired SP mode

Enable 10-second selftimer

Enable Manual focus
Access the SET-UP and FILE SIZE/QUALITY menus the same as shown above for the AUTO mode.

Continuous Record Mode

Continuous Record lets you take burst mode sequence shots of up to 5 frames at 3fps. This mode also enables the use of the AE Bracketing feature. After capturing a sequence it prompts you as shown above to save the images or discard them if you have the Postview option enabled. The following settings can be changed:

Enable 10-second selftimer

Enable Manual focus

Enable exposure bracketing
Access the SET-UP and FILE SIZE/QUALITY menus the same as shown above for the AUTO mode.

Movie Record Mode

Capture 320x240 video with sound at 10fps for up to 160 seconds.

Audio Record Mode

Record sound for up to 33 minutes on 16MB card.

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