Menus Screens and Software


While the camera is waiting to record, the only information you will see is the Green "Ready" at the top and the Record Time Left and battery level at the bottom. If you are using the zoom its range will appear on the top right side.

flip_minohd_record.jpgWhile recording, the only information that is shown on the screen is the length of the current movie and the battery icon.

flip_minohd_play.jpgHere is the Playback screen, which shows only the very basic information, as did the REC screen. A time count is kept for the current video at the top and a bar at the bottom shows the videos progress.

Settings for the MinoHD include: Language, Date, Time, Sound and the Recording Light.

flip_minohd_splash.jpgUsing the Flipshare software that is loaded on the camera, you are able to do a variety of things with your videos including: Editing, Email, Internet Upload, Capture Still Images and Make Movies with Audio.

flip_minohd_autoplay.jpgWhen you plug the camera into the computer, the autoplay comes up and gives you the option to open the folder or open the Flipshare software. Shown here is the autoplay window from Windows 7.

flip_minohd_thumbs.jpgWhen you open the Flipshare software the main window you will see shows thumbnails of all of the videos saved on the camera. Here you can watch the thumbnail sized video or watch it full screen.


On the left of the screen you will see the navigation bar. This allows you to quickly find new or previously saved videos, captured still images, access shortcuts to the camera and your computer, product resources and the option to create your own Flip Channel.


Along the bottom you will find the edit toolbar. Here you have all of the editing options for your videos.

  • Save to Computer
  • Play Full Screen
  • Email
  • Flip Channel
  • Greeting card
  • Online
  • Movie
  • Snapshot
  • DVD

flip_minohd_snapshot.jpgThe snapshot option breaks down your video by frame and allows you to save them individually as a .jpg image. A sample can be seen on the samples page.

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