DC-CAM 3200Z

DC-CAM 3200Z

Creative DC-CAM 3200Z Review

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Creative DC-CAM 3200Z

Steve's Conclusion

One of Creative's first digital cameras, the DC-CAM 3200Z incorporates a 3.2 Megapixel imager with a 3x zoom lens that has an approx. 35mm equivalent of 35-105mm and has a 4x digital zoom feature. It captures images at resolutions of 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1024x768, and 640x480. The camera captures movies in MPEG-4 (.ASF) format with audio at 320x240 (up to 30 frames per second). The 3200Z allows you to control some of the exposure process by giving you the ability to change settings for white balance, ISO speed, Exposure compensation, and Metering. The 3200Z features a built-in mic & speaker, 16MB of internal flash memory, and supports SD/MMC memory cards up to 256MB.

The overall image quality of the 3200Z is good, its has good color balance and saturation. Flesh tones were accurate and well exposed. With it's 3.2 million pixels, it easy to print up to 8x10-inch prints. Performance wise the 3200Z is a little slow with a start up speed of about 5 seconds which is much slower than average. It has a shot-to-shot time of about three and a half seconds, shutter lag is between approx. 0.3 seconds, and Burst mode captures three images in about 3.5 to 4 seconds which is relatively slow. All of our tests were done using a 256MB SD card, the times may vary when using the built-in flash memory.

The 3200Z is an entry level camera that is good for users that want a fully automatic, point-n-shoot camera and are not concerned with speedy performance. It takes good pictures whether your at the beach or at a family dinner. For the price i would consider taking a look at the Sony Cyber-shot P-32 which can be had for about $30 less and has an all around better performance or the Canon PowerShot a70 that is only about $20 - $30 more and is an excellent full-featured digicam.

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