Features & Controls

Sporting the largest lens of any Point-of-View camera on the market, the f/2.8 lens has an extra wide 170° viewing angle. The lens also has the ability to rotate up to 270° allowing you to make sure your videos are upright, while providing easier mounting options to just about anything.

On the back of the camera you will find the Power button along with flaps that cover the USB and HDMI ports. This is one of only two places that you will find camera controls on the body. One great feature about the COntour+ package is that it includes a HDMI cable; something we've never seen with a digicam or even a dSLR.

On top is the other camera control. The large sliding lever on top allows you to easily start recording by just sliding it forward. Pressing down on the exposed Bluetooth button when you are not recording allows you to connect to a Bluetooth device such as an iPod or smartphone for a portable viewfinder.

Under the back flap are the guts of the camera. The two ports are the USB and HDMI that are also accessible with the cover closed. The switch labeled 1 & 2 allow you to switch between two preset shooting modes without hooking back up to a computer or portable device. There is a card slot for your microSD card and a slot for the Contour Connect card for connecting through Bluetooth. At the bottom is the 3.7V, 1050mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery that allows you to shoot all day, and charge through USB in between recording sessions.



Since the Contour+ is tough and water-resistant enough to handle a small splash of water, you will need a waterproof case for underwater or very wet shooting situations. The camera slides easily and securely into the optional underwater case, which closes and seals with just one clip. While in the case you only have access to the power button and record switch, anything else like linking Bluetooth or changing shooting modes will have to be done outside the case. The case also has a tripod mount on the bottom; which is the one mounting option that is not available otherwise. This case runs about $49.95 USD, which is pretty inexpensive in our eyes.


With the included Storyteller app you can download all of your files, as well as control the camera's settings while it is plugged into the computer via USB (cable included). You are able to set up two shooting modes at a time that can be selected on the camera. There are 5 preset shooting modes from full HD at 30fps to 720p at 60fps and a continuous still image mode that will continue to capture 5-Megapixel images when told to record. Image quality and white balance can also be adjusted manually to go along with the shooting modes. This app also helps you update the camera's firmware, and will give you pop-up notifications when a newer version is available.

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