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Casio QV-2900

A typical record mode screen with the camera in Program AE mode. The icon in
the top middle indicates single frame mode is selected. The "125" is the
number of pictures remaining at the current image size of 1600 × 1200 pixels in
Fine quality. On the bottom is an icon showing the battery condition.

Casio QV-2900

You can change the exposure mode from the menu or an even easier way is to
press and hold the SHIFT button and use the flash button to select Program AE,
Shutter speed priority, Aperture priority or Manual. The macro button selects the
desired metering mode (Multi, Center-weighted or Spot). And the self-timer
button selects the desired white balance preset (Auto, daylight, cloudy,
fluorescent light, or tungsten light) or manual preset.

Casio QV-2900

Screen display while in the Movie recording mode. Up to 16 seconds of 320 x
240 motion video can be recorded and saved as an AVI video file.

Casio QV-2900

The "Best-Shot" mode displays 28 programmed shooting scenes to aid novice
or experienced users in creating perfect pictures every time. Some of these
scenes also have guide templates displayed on the LCD to properly position
your subjects.  (Disregard the 2048×1536, this came from QV-3500)

The bundled CD ROM also contains pre-recorded data for 64 Best-shot scenes
- view the entire
Best-Shot scene library

You can create your own Best-shot scenes and store them in the SCENES
folder on the CF card. By copying scene data onto a CompactFlash card, you
can quickly access your chosen scene set-ups through the camera itself. It is
possible to store up to 250 sample images, including the data for the original

Casio QV-2900

The onscreen menu lets you select various exposure modes that have different
camera settings already memorized for shooting optimal portraits, landscapes
or night scenes. The Best-Shot option leads to a menu of 28 scenes (see
above). The Function option gives you access four screens of exposure and
camera parameters that can be set (see below).

Casio QV-2900

Page two of the menu lets you select the desired Movie mode or the Panorama
mode that prompts you onscreen to aid in taking the necessary seqential shots
for the included stitching program to produce the best panoramic picture.

Casio QV-2900

Page 1 of the Functions sub menu:

    Size/Quality - Image size is 1600 × 1200 or 800 × 600 and the Quality can be set for Fine, Normal or Economy unless the TIFF mode is ON.

    TIFF mode - Enable uncompressed TIFF image mode

    Sensitivity - Set the desired ISO speed equivalent; 80, 160 or 320

    Filter - Enable filter mode; BW, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple

    Exposure Mode - Program AE, Shuter speed priority, Aperture priority, Manual

    Metering - Multi, Center or Spot

Casio QV-2900

Page 2 of the Functions sub menu:

    White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Manual

    Enhancement - Red, Green, Blue, Flesh Tones, Off

    Grid - Enable display of grid lines on the LCD

    Flash Intensity - Normal, Weak, Strong

    Sharpness - Normal, Soft, Hard

    Saturation - Normal, High, Low

Casio QV-2900

Page 3 of the Functions sub menu:

    Contrast - Normal, High, Low

    Tme Stamp - YMD, D H:M, YMD H:M, Off

    Digital Zoom - On or Off

    Sleep - 30s, 1m, 2m, Off

    Auto Power Off - 2m, 5m

    Best shot setting - built-in+CF, built-in, CF

Casio QV-2900

Page 4 of the Functions sub menu:

    Mode Memory - Memorize settings when powered down. Possible to memorize: Recording Mode, Continuous, TIFF mode, Sensitivity, Exposure mode, Metering,
    White balance, Flash, Focus, Digital zoom, Flash intensity.

    SETUP - Enter the setup mode - see next frame

Casio QV-2900

Page 1 of the SETUP sub menu:

    Indicators -

    Card Browser - Enable on four types of HTML page creation from your stored images or disable this feature.

    Beep - Enable beep sounds when buttons are pushed

    Date Style - Set the date format MMDDYY, DDMMYY, etc.

    Date/Time - Set the internal clock

    Language - Set the menu language, English or German

Casio QV-2900

Page 2 of the SETUP sub menu:

    Format - Format the CF card

    Video Out - NTSC or PAL format

    Link - On or Off

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