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G.Bros. GV-10

Modes & Menus

The GV-10 does not have video out so we had to "borrow" these illustrations from the manual.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

Here is the LCD display during record operations, all possible icons and on-screen indicators are shown.

The GV-10 is a 1.3-megapixel camera that captures 1280x960 native size images. It does have an in-camera interpolation mode to generate 1600x1200 Super images. In high-speed continuous mode it can record up to seven 1280x960 Fine images or up to fifty-one 640x480 Normal images at a time.

The GV-10 can also function as a PC Camera (Windows only) by hooking it up via the USB cable and using netcam conferencing software like Microsoft's Net Meeting.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

The GV-10 has 18 Best Shot Mode Scenes builtin. You turn the Mode Dial to the "BEST" position and then use the "-" and "+" buttons to cycle through the modes which are: PORTRAIT, FLOWER, LANDSCAPE, NIGHT SCENE, PET, SILVER, ENGINE, SEASIDE, SPLASH, SNOW PARK, TURN, SUNSET, SILHOUETTE, OVER-EXPOSED, NOISE, POP, MONOCHROME and SEPIA.

Simply select the Best Shot scene that is like the one you want to record and light metering, exposure, saturation, and other settings are automatically configured.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

This is the LCD display during Playback mode. All possible icons and indicators are shown.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

Pressing the center control button on top of the camera during playback will enlarge the image 2x so you can check for critical focus or color.

The GV-10 also has a thumbnail index playback mode that displays 9 small thumbnail images per page.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

You can record 320x240 resolution AVI motion-JPEG movies up to 10 seconds in length. These movie clips can be played back on the color LCD screen. There is no microphone so no audio is recorded.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

The GV-10 is DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) compatible so you can embed your printing information on the CF card for use in any DPOF-ready printer or kiosk.

The GV-10 is also PRINT Image Matching compatible. Printing on a printer that supports EPSON PRINT Image Matching produces output whose colors are adjusted to match the characteristics of the camera. Recording with a Best Shot Mode portrait scene produces images with perfect skin tones.

Casio G.Bros. GV-10

SetUp menu options:

    Delete/Format - Delete All images or format CF card

    Size/Quality - 1600x1200 Super, 1280x960 Fine/Normal, 640x480 Fine/Normal

    Buzzer - Camera beeps on or off

    Print Order - DPOF printing info (see above)

    Date - Set the time and date

    Opening - Select the startup and shut down screen display

    Language - Menu language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian or Japanese)

    USB - USB protocol, normal or PC camera mode

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