Features & Controls

The Casio EX-H15 uses a 10x 24mm wide optical zoom lens. The lens is comprised of 11 lenses in 10 groups, including aspherical lens. The 35mm equivalent zoom range is 24 - 240mm. When the camera is powered down, the lens retracts into the body and is protected by a built-in lens cover.

The powerful flash has 5 separate modes; Flash Auto, Flash Off, Flash On, Soft Flash and Red Eye Reduction.


There are five controls located on the top of the camera, the Auto button switches the camera between Auto and Premium Auto. The button with the stars will put the camera into Make-Up mode or Vivid Landscape mode. These will not work in Premium Auto Mode. The power button is located to the left of the shutter release and the zoom toggle is wrapped around the shutter release.


On the back of the EX-H15 are several more controls which consist of (from top to bottom) a video button that will send the camera into video mode. the switch happens pretty quick and recording starts immediately. To stop shooting video press the button a second time, the camera processes the recording and goes back to still frame mode. Below that are the camera mode button and the playback button. Both do just what their respective names imply and in addition, both will power on the camera as well. Next is the 4way controller which is used to change display settings when you press up and flash settings when you press down. In playback mode, pressing down will delete an image. In the center is the SET button which opens up the function menu. The SET button is also used for selecting settings when in Menu mode. The MENU button takes you to the record, quality and set-up menus. The last button is the Best Shot button. this gives you the ability to shoot in one of 42 different scene modes.

On the side of the camera is an access port, through this you can either link the camera to your computer via the USB cord, or to a television through the AV cable. Both are included with the camera.


Casio's EX-H15 records images on SD or SDHC cards. It is also Eye-Fi enabled if you like to use the Eye-fi cards. Pictured here is a Lexar Pro 8GB SDHC card.

Still images:




The battery for the EX-H15 is a Lithium Ion powerhouse. Casio claims 1000 images can be captured on a full charge, or 11 hours of continuous playback. Included is an external charger that has a power cord.

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