Record Screens & Menus

View of the Auto record mode for still images.

When you half-press the shutter release the autofocus is locked and the exposure is calculated and set. If autofocus was successful the AF marks will turn green, if it fails they turn red. You will also see the selected shutter speed and aperture values listed down the right side.

This is what recording in movie mode will look like. There are three options to shoot in; Wide 848x480 (which is pictured above), standard 640x480, and LP 320x240.


Pressing the DISP edge of the 4-way controller allows you the option of how much information is shown on the LCD screen. If you like using the grid to line up your shots, it can be turned on through the main menu.


To access the FUNction menu press the button in the center of the 4-way controller. What functions are available is determined by which mode you are using.


Here we see the BestShot scene modes available. Bringing up this list is as easy as pressing the "BS" button located on the top of the camera and using the 4-way controller to navigate to the one you would like to use. Once there press the center button to select.

Two new BestShot scene modes make their debit with the G1, the are Interval Shot and Interval Movie. Both operations work the same: you can preset the camera to take so many images/movie clips so often for a predetermined amount of time. For example: take a picture every ten seconds for a three minute time span. The ratios are set using the 4-way controller.

Thumbnail image for casio_ex_g1_rec_menu_anim.gif

Rec Menu:
    Focus - AF, Macro, PF, Infinity, MF
    CS - Normal Speed CS, High Speed CS, Off
    Self-timer - 10 sec, 2 sec, x3, Off
    REC Light - On or Off
    Movie Audio - On or Off
    Auto Shutter - Detect Blur, Detect Panning, Detect Smile, Off, Sensitivity
    Face Detection - On or Off
    Anti Shake - Auto, Off
    AF Area - intelligent, spot, multi., tracking
    AF Assist Light - On or Off
    Focus Frame - varied selection of options or random (camera chooses)
    Digital Zoom - On or Off
    Quick Shutter - On or Off
    Grid - On or Off
    Review - On or Off
    Icon Help - On or Off
Memory - Allows the camera to save your last setting for certain features


Quality Menu:

Size - 12m, 3:2, 16:9, 8m, 5m, 3m, VGA
Image Quality - Fine, Normal, Economy
Movie Quality - WIDE, STD, LP
EV Shift - +2.0 to -2.0
White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Shade, Day White Fluorescent, Daylight Fluorescent, Tungsten, Manual
ISO - Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Metering - Multi, Center Weighted, Spot
Lighting - Extra, On or Off
Color Filter - Off, B&W, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple
Sharpness - +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
Saturation - +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
Contrast - +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
Flash Intensity
- +2, +1, 0, -1, -2

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