Playback Screens & Menus

To view images on the EX-G1's screen, press the PLAY button. Thew last image taken will be displayed. Pressing the DISP button will change what information is shown along with each image.


the image index is accessed using the zoom button.

The G1 can zoom in on images via the zoom button and has an x8 capacity. Scrolling around the image when zoomed in is accomplished with the 4-way controller.


Playback Menu:
    Slideshow - Runs a Slideshow of selected images on the memory card
    Dynamic Photo - Allows you to overlay part of one image onto another image
    Movie Converter - Converts a Dynamic Photo into a movie
    Layout Print - Produce a new image that contains multiple snapshots
    MOTION PRINT - allows you to pull a frame from a movie and make it a single image
    Movie Editing - Allows you to edit movies
    Lighting - This will lighten up an image up to 2 steps
    Red Eye - Will edit red out of eyes in portraits
    White Balance - Changes the white balance of an image
    Brightness - This will either brighten an image up to +2 or darken an image down to -2
    DPOF Printing - Set images for printing
    Protect - Protects files from being deleted
    Date/Time -
    Place a date/time stamp on an image
    Rotation - Rotate an image
Resize - Used to resize an image
Trimming - used to crop an image
Dubbing - Adds audio to a snapshot
Copy - This is used to copy files from the built-in memory to a memory card or vice-versa
Divide Group -Used to divide up a CS group int individual images

Playback for movies starts when you press the SET button (center of the 4-way controller). Movies can be edited through the playback menu.


The Set-Up menu options:
    Screen - Auto 2, Auto, 1, +2, +1, 0
Sound - Changes the sounds for the different camera functions
Startup - On or Off
File Number - Continue or Reset
    World Time - Home or World
    Timestamp - Date, Date&Time, Off
    Adjust - Adjust time
    Date Style - How the date is displayed
    Language - 17 different languages
    Sleep -Sleep time for the camera
    Auto Power Off - Turns camera off after a set time
    Power On/Power Off - Power On, Hold: On, Disable
    USB - Mass Storage, PTP(PictBridge)
    Video Out - NTSC (4:3, 16:9), PAL (4:3, 16:9)
    Format - Format, Cancel
    Reset - Restore factory defaults

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