Features & Controls

The EX-G1 lens is contained within the camera body to protect it from the elements as well as keeping it dry for underwater shooting. The lens is constructed of 11 lenses in 9 groups with a maximum aperture of F3.9 - F4.5 and zoom of 3x (38-114mm equivalent). It also has a 4x digital zoom option.

The Auto Focus (AF) system has options for intelligent, spot, multi or tracking.

The auto focus working range is:

  • Normal AF: 3.9 in.. to infinity (wide angle)
  • Macro: 3.9 in. - 19.7 in. (wide angle)
  • Manual 3.9 in. to infinity (wide angle)


The built-in flash has modes for auto, flash on, flash off, soft flash and red-eye reduction. The working range of the flash, using ISO Auto, is approx: Approx. 3.9 ft. to 7.9 ft. (W) and approx. 20 in. to 3.6 ft.(T). The bulb on the right is the REC light. This can be turned on to help light up a low-light area for shooting purposes. It also serves as an indicator when the timer is used.


The controls located on the top of the G1 are pretty basic. Starting from the left is the BS button which brings up all the BestShot choices, then next is the power button and lastly is the shutter release.


The majority of the controls for this camera are found on the back to the right of the 2.6in LCD. Looking from top to bottom we start our decent with the movie record button, this is the round one with the red dot in the middle. To the left is the zoom paddle which also serves functions in playback mode. Then shooting to the right, the dial next to the word: "OPEN" is the release to gain access to the microSD (or microSDHC) card as well as the IO port. Under the zoom paddle is the playback button, and below that is the 4-way control with the SET button nested in the middle. Last on the G1 is the menu button.


The Input/output port is sealed in a watertight compartment along with the slot for the miniSD. The IO port is used to transfer files to a computer or, using the AV cable, viewing images on a television.


Still images and movie clips are stored on 37.5MB of internal flash memory or on a microSD (or microSDHC card. Be sure you purchase an adapter that allows the microSD card to be loaded into a normal SD card reader slot. The camera is shown here with a PNY 4GB microSDHC card and adapter.

Approx. Storage Capacities:

Still Images




The proprietary NP-80 Lithium Ion battery is housed in a weather tight compartment at the bottom of the G1. The black plastic "key" on the right is used to help gain access to that compartment. This is however very difficult and requires 2 hands, 4 engineers and an extreme amount of patience. The battery comes with an external charger which gives you the option of purchasing a second battery that can be charging while the camera is in use.

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