Features & Controls


The SX210 IS features a 14x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization. The lens has a 35mm film equivalent of 28 - 392mm. The lens will retract into the camera when powered down. Canon's Optical Image Stabilization (IS) allows the user to shoot handheld images at 2-3 stops lower than without, increasing the versatility of the camera.

Focus Range:

Normal: 2.0 in (5cm) - infinity (W) ; 3.3 ft (1m) - infinity (T)
Macro: 2.0 in - 1.6 ft (5 - 50cm) (W)

Canon's SX210 IS has a built-in flash that pops up when the camera is powered on. It has a range of up to 11.5 ft. (W) or 6.6 ft. (T). You have the option to choose between Auto, Manual (3 levels), Red-eye Reduction, Auto Red-eye Correction, Flash On, Flash Off; FE Lock, Safety FE, Slow Synchro

The top controls of the SX210 IS consist of the power button, the zoom tab and the shutter release. Also notice the speaker and stereo recording microphones.

Framing and viewing your images is accomplished on the 3-inch wide screen LCD with approx. 230,000 pixels.


The controls on the back of the back of the camera are numerous but easy to use. Starting at the top is the mode dial. Here you select which shooting mode you would like to use. Next is the button with the red dot. This serves as a print button when in playback mode, but in recording mode it automatically switches the camera into video mode and starts recording. Next to that is the playback button. Below that is the 4-way control dial which surrounds the FUNC/SET button. On the bottom are the DISP button and the MENU button.


The SX210 IS is not only outfitted with a standard AV port, but is also equipped with an HDMI port which will stream HD quality to any television with HDMI set up.

The SX210 IS accepts SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card. Here the camera is shown with a SanDisk Ultra II, 15MB/s, 4GB SDHC memory card.

Number of Recordable Images
Large (L) Medium 1 (M1) Medium 2 (M2) Medium 3 (M3)
File Size (KB) 3,597 1,719 2,302 1,100 1,395 695 558 278
4GB 1,058 2,194 1,652 3.352 2,681 5,247 6,352 12,069
16GB 4,334 8,985 6,769 13,727 10,981 21,486 26,010 49,420

Small (S) Widescreen (W) Widescreen (W)
File Size (KB) 150 84 2,700 1,291 990 495
4GB 20,116 30,174 1,403 2,873 3,771 7,099
16GB 82,367 123,550 5,746 11,766 15,443 29,070

The camera is powered by Canon's NB-5L battery pack. With it, Canon says you should get about 260 images or 6 hours of playback time. This unit is charged out of camera with the included CB-2LXAC battery charger, which features fold-away prongs for convenient storage.

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