Playback Screens & Menus


Please excuse the poor quality of these screen captures. The PowerShot S120 kit does not include an AV output cable, therefore we had to photograph the display screen.

Playback - main GIF.gif

The S120's Playback button is in the lower left of the back panel of the camera. Press it to enter Playback mode and see photos you have stored on the memory card.

With a single image displayed on the screen, you'll see basic information about the stored image. The file number in sequence and the file name are across the top of the screen. You'll see the shutter speed, aperture, EV, ISO setting, and resolution across the bottom of the screen. 

Press the Disp button (bottom of the four-way ring) to change the data displayed on the screen and to shrink the image to the upper left corner. In addition to the data mentioned previously, you'll now see the time and date the image was shot in the upper left corner, the shooting mode along the left side, and the white balance setting and AF mode toward the bottom of the screen. A histogram will appear in the upper right.

Press Disp again and you'll see most of the data disappear, but three separate histograms for red, green, and blue will appear along the right side. If you press Disp another time all of the data will disappear from the screen.

You can use the touch screen or the four-way button on the PowerShot S120 to scroll through the stored images. Just drag your finger right or left on the screen to move to the next image.

Playback - grid GIF.gifYou can use the touch screen to open the grid function as well whenever a single image is displayed on the screen. Drag your finger and thumb across the screen in a closing pinching motion to open the thumbnail grid. Or you can open thumbnail grid by pressing the zoom ring to the left. The thumbnail grid options include 2x3, 3x4, 6x6, and 10x10 displays. Continue pressing the zoom ring to the left to increase the number of thumbnails displayed in the grid, and press the zoom ring to the right to reduce the number of thumbnails.

Highlight an thumbnail image using the four-way button and press the Set button or touch it twice to magnify it to fill the entire screen.

Playback - zoom GIF.gif
The PowerShot S120's magnify function also can be activated through the touch screen. With a single image displayed on the screen, drag your finger and thumb across the LCD in a widening pinching movement to magnify the image. Or press the zoom ring to the right to magnify the image.

With the image magnified, you'll see a white outlined rectangle in the lower right corner that represents the entire image. The small white box inside the larger rectangle represents the portion of the image that is currently displayed on the screen. 

Use the magnify function to ensure a sharp focus in the image. You can change the portion of the image that is currently displayed on the screen by using the four-way ring or by dragging your fingers across the screen to reposition the portion that is displayed.

Playback - movie 1.jpg

You can play back stored movies from Playback mode by touching the play triangle button on the S120's LCD screen. Pressing the Set button on the back of the camera or touching the Set icon in the upper left corner of the screen will bring the movie playback tools onto the screen along the bottom. Unfortunately these tools cannot be controlled through the touch screen; you'll have to use the four-way ring and the Set button on the back of the camera.

You also can see the same data about the movie's shooting settings as was available with the still image settings by pressing the Disp button on the back of the camera.

Playback - Wifi GIF.gif

Wi-Fi capabilities are available with the Canon PowerShot S120, which is a handy feature. From Playback mode press the upper portion of the four-way ring to open the Wi-Fi screen. Then touch the icon of the device to which you want to connect or use the four-way button to highlight the icon you want and then press the Set button.

Making use of the Wi-Fi features are a little tricky, especially for people who are not familiar with wireless networking. You may have to download some software to your computer or an app to your smartphone to be able to make a connection with the S120. Additionally attempting to use the Wi-Fi for any significant length of time will quickly drain the camera's battery, which greatly reduces the usefulness of this feature.

Playback - menu 1.jpg

You can open the Playback menu while in Playback mode by pressing the Menu button on the back of the S120. The Playback menu will then appear on the screen when you highlight the tab in the upper left corner with the play icon on it. The Playback menu options are:

  • Image Search
  • List/Play Digest Movies
  • Smart Shuffle
  • Slideshow - Repeat (On, Off), Play Time (3-30 seconds), Effect (Off, Fade)
  • Erase - Select, Select Range, Select All Images
  • Protect - Select, Select Range, Select All Images
  • Rotate
  • Favorites
  • Photobook Set-Up - Select, Select All Images, Clear All Selections
  • i-Contrast
  • Red-Eye Correction
  • Cropping
  • Resize
  • My Colors - Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, Black and White, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red
  • Face ID Info - Name Display (On, Off), Edit ID Info
  • Transition Effect - Fade, Off
  • Index Effect - On, Off
  • Scroll Display - On, Off
  • Group Images - On, Off
  • Auto Rotate - On, Off
  • Resume - Last Seen, Last Shot
  • Set Touch Actions - Up and Left, Up and Right, Down and Left, Down and Right (Sub-menu options for all four actions are: Favorites, Next Favorite, Previous Favorite, Next Date, Previous Date, Smart Shuffle, To Camera, To Smartphone, To Computer, To Printer, To Web Service, Slideshow, Erase, Protect, Rotate)
Some of the menu options may be grayed out or may not have all of the available listed options, depending on the type of photo you have displayed in Playback mode.

Playback - menu print 1.jpg
The PowerShot S120 also offers a Print menu, which is in the middle tab on the Playback menu that's marked with a printer icon. The Print menu options include:

  • Print 
  • Select Images & Qty 
  • Select Range 
  • Select All Images 
  • Clear All Selections 
  • Print Settings - Print Type (Standard, Index, Both), Date (On, Off), File No. (On, Off), Clear DPOF Data (On, Off)
The Setup menu is available on the far right tab and is marked with a tools icon.

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