PowerShot ELPH 110 HS

PowerShot ELPH 110 HS

Record Screens & Menus


Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-shoot-auto.jpg

The main recording menu in Auto mode is shown here with maximum information displayed. Pressing down on the four-way controller will make most of these settings disappear except for a couple icons in the top right corner. Pressing up on the four-way controller allows you to turn autofocus tracking on and off. After turning it on, you select your subject within the box by pressing left on the four-way controller; once initiated the AF box will track your subject if it moves or you change the framing of your shot.

Smart Auto decides which settings to use based on 58 predefined shooting situations, and can be launched conveniently from the Auto switch atop the camera. With the Face ID function turned on, the camera will adjust focus and exposure priority based on faces you have registered with the camera.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS-menu-shoot-P.jpg Program mode gives you more flexibility than full Auto mode, allowing you to adjust many settings, such as ISO, white balance, and light metering.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-shoot-AFbox.jpg Upon locking onto your subject, the LCD displays a green autofocus box and four settings to be used: metering, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. There are three focus modes: center, face AiAF, and tracking AF. The second option prioritizes focus for faces and tracking AF will follow the subject you have selected. When using tracking AF, you press left on the four-way controller to start and stop the tracking of your subject.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-shoot-smart.jpg Among the more interesting shooting modes is Smart Shutter, which uses face detection to trip the shutter. This is particularly useful if you are setting up a group shot: the camera will start the timer once a new face enters the frame (presumably yours after coming out from behind the camera). Two other options: a wink or a smile can be used to start the timer.

Shooting Modes:
  • Auto
  • Program
  • Movie Digest
  • Portrait
  • Smooth Skin
  • Smart Shutter
  • High-speed Burst
  • Handheld Night Scene
  • Low Light
  • Fish-eye Effect
  • Miniature Effect
  • Toy Camera Effect
  • Soft Focus
  • Monochrome
  • Super Vivid
  • Poster Effect
  • Color Accent
  • Color Swap
  • Underwater
  • Snow
  • Long Shutter
  • Stitch Assist
  • iFrame Movie
  • Super Slow Motion Movie

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-shoot-AWB.jpg White balance settings run the usual gamut from sunny and cloudy to tungsten and fluorescent lighting. If you don't like the look of the existing settings, you can select evaluative white balance and take a photo for the camera to evaluate for best results.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-shoot-lightmeter.jpg Light metering offers three options: evaluative, center weighted, average, and spot. The icon below light metering is My Colors, which lets you apply color settings such as vivid, neutral, and sepia. There is also an approximation of positive film and two settings for skin tone: lighter and darker. Vivid blue, vivid green, and vivid red do what the names suggest, and Custom Color lets you drill down and adjust the saturation level of all three colors, plus contrast, sharpness, overall saturation, and skin tone.

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-setup.jpg Shooting Menu Options:
  • AF Frame: Center, Face AiAF, Tracking AF
  • AF Frame Size: Normal, Small (when using AF Frame Center)
  • Digital Zoom: Standard, 1.6X, 2.0X, Off
  • AF-Point Zoom: On, Off
  • Servo AF: On, Off
  • AF Assist Beam: On, Off
  • Flash Settings: Redeye Correction: On, Off; Redeye Lamp: On, Off
  • i-Contrast: Auto, Off
  • Review: 2-10 seconds in 1 second increments, Hold, Off
  • Review Info: Detailed, Focus Check, Off
  • Blink Detection: On, Off
  • Grid Lines: On, Off
  • IS Settings: IS mode: Shoot Only, Continuous, Off
  • Powered IS: On, Off
  • Date Stamp: Date, Date & Time, Off
  • Face ID Settings: Face ID: On, Off; Add to Registry: Add a New Face, Add Face Info; Check/Edit Info, Erase Info

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-setup-tools.jpg The camera settings menu offers the usual smattering of settings adjustments, including the ability to turn on/off hints and tips, explore sound options, and adjust file numbering (continuous or auto reset) and folder creation (daily or monthly).

Camera Settings Menu:
  • Mute: On, Off
  • Volume: Startup Volume, Operation Volume, Self Timer Volume, Shutter Volume (One to Five for Each)
  • Sound Options: Startup Sound, Operation Sound, Self Timer Sound, Shutter Sound (Two Choices for Each)
  • Hints & Tips: On, Off
  • LCD Brightness: Five Levels
  • Startup Image: Off, 1, 2
  • Format memory card
  • File Numbering: Continuous, Auto Reset
  • Create Folder: Daily, Monthly
  • Lens Retract: 0 seconds, 1 minute
  • Power Saving: Auto Power Down: On, Off; Display Off: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes
  • Time Zone: Home, World
  • Date/Time: Daylight Savings Time: On, Off
  • Video System: NTSC, PAL
  • Control Via HDMI: Enable, Disable
  • Language
  • Reset All

Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS_menu-movie-rec.jpg In movie mode, you can use both optical and digital zoom. In Super Slow Motion movie mode, however, zoom is disabled.

iFrame movies are recorded at 1280 x 720 at 30 fps; Super Slow Motion movie mode records at 640 x 480 or 320 x 240. Other than these and miniature effect (1280 x 720 or 640 x 480), video is 1920 x 1080 at 24 fps, 1280 x 720 at 30 fps, or 640 x 480 at 30fps.

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