Record Screens & Menus

The main recording menu in Auto mode is shown here with maximum information displayed. Pressing downward on the four-way controller makes most of this information disappear, except for two icons in the top right corner (anti-shake mode and Auto) and the Touch Shutter indicator (shown here as "off").

The set of white brackets around the autofocus box indicate that the touch screen was tapped to select the subject. To change the subject tracked by autofocus, you simply tap the screen again to reposition the AF box. Thereafter, the AF box will track your subject even if you reframe your shot.

Smart Auto decides which settings to use based on 32 predefined shooting situations, and can be launched conveniently from the top position of the four-way controller (labeled Auto).

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-P.jpg
Program mode gives you more flexibility than full Auto mode, allowing you to adjust many settings, such as ISO, white balance, and light metering; and to turn on continuous shooting. It a shown here with minimal information displayed, including exposure compensation (brightness) in the lower left corner, which you cannot adjust in Auto mode.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-shoot-AFbox.jpg
This is the screen in Program mode after pressing the shutter button half-way to lock on autofocus. Note that the AF box has turned green from the double white brackets pictured in the first image, which indicate that the camera is tracking your subject. Also, at this point the LCD displays the shutter speed, aperture, metering mode and ISO.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-shoot-program-modes.jpg
You can adjust a variety of settings in Program mode. As indicated top to bottom on the left side, you can adjust exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, drive mode, timer, file size, and movie resolution. Making your selection in the vertical menu at left displays your options along the bottom of the screen. Scene modes include Fisheye Effect, Miniature Effect, and Super Vivid, which bumps up the color saturation.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS-menu-shoot-LiveViewContro.jpg
Live View Control mode takes full advantage of the camera's touch screen LCD. Tapping on the Live icon launches the scene mode menu, which you navigate by tapping left or right arrows on screen. Icons of four of the 16 scene modes are shown on each successive screen.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-shoot-faceselftimer.jpg
Face Self-Timer mode is handy for when you want to get in a group shot. After framing your picture, joining the group will cause the camera to start the timer once it detects your new face.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-toy-mode.jpg
The PowerShot A3400 IS does not boast loads of scene modes, but the ones that it offers generally achieve attractive results. The Toy Camera Effect is one of those likely to get a fair amount of use since it achieves dramatic results with a nostalgic low-tech look.

Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-setup-main.jpg
Shooting Menu Options:
  • AF Frame: Face AiAF, fixed frame
  • Digital Zoom: On, Off
  • AF-Point Zoom: On, Off
  • Servo AF: On, Off
  • Touch Shutter : On, Off
  • Lamp Setting: On, Off
  • Review: 2-10 seconds in 1 second increments, Hold, Off
  • Review Info: Detailed, Off
  • Blink Detection: On, Off
  • Grid Lines: On, Off
  • IS Settings: IS mode: Shoot Only, Off, Continuous; Powered IS: On, Off
  • Date Stamp: Date, Date & Time, Off

    Cannon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu_settings.jpg
    Camera Settings Menu:
    • Mute: On, Off
    • Volume: Startup Volume, Operation Volume, Self Timer Volume, Shutter Volume (One to Five for Each)
    • Hints & Tips: On, Off
    • LCD Brightness: Five levels
    • Startup Image: On, Off
    • Format memory card
    • File Numbering: Continuous, Auto Reset
    • Create Folder: Daily, Monthly
    • Lens Retract: 0 seconds, 1 minute
    • Power Saving: Auto Power Down: On, Off; Display Off: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes
    • Date/Time: Daylight Savings Time: On, Off
    • Video System: NTSC, PAL
    • Touch Screen Calibration
    • Language
    • Reset All

      Canon PowerShot A3400 IS_menu-movie-record.jpg
      Movies are recorded in either 1280 x 720 or 640x480 and can be recorded using Miniature Effect mode. Videos shot in iFrame movie mode are recorded at 1280 x 720.

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