PowerShot A2600

PowerShot A2600

Playback Screens & Menus


Please excuse the quality of these screen shots. The camera did not include an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD.

Canon A2600_playback1.jpg
The default playback shows not camera information. Pressing the downward position on the four-way control changes the view. There are two additional views that display camera settings.

Canon A2600_playback2.jpg
A downward press on the four-way control adds these image file basics to the previously blank display, including file number and date/time.

Canon A2600_playback3.jpg
Another press of the four-way control adds camera settings to the display, such as metering mode, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, plus a histogram.

Canon A2600_playback-zoom.jpg
Using the zoom ring, you can magnify your images up to roughly 10X on the LCD. You might not think you could see much detail on a modest 230,000-dot screen, but it's high enough to inspect focus and see digital noise in shots taken in low light.

Canon A2600_playback-index4.jpg Pressing leftward on the zoom ring launches a succession of index views. The first view serves up four thumbnails. A further press brings up 9 thumbnails.

Canon A2600_playback-index36.jpgA third press leftward on the zoom ring brings up a view of 36 thumbnails.

Canon A2600_playback-index100.jpg I would not have thought that cramming 100 thumbnails onto a 230,000-dot LCD was worth the effort, but if your subject matter differs enough, you can make out enough detail to accurately choose which photos you want to view. Having a hundred on screen at a time can pick up the pace of trolling through lots of images. Though you don't have a dial of any sort to cruise you through these files, the four-way control does work well - holding the upward or downward positions on the four-way control glides the page display across the screen rather than jumping a page at a time.

Canon A2600_playback-menu1.jpg
Slideshow options and minor image edits are found in the playback menu. You can also set up a photo book, selecting up to 998 images for later printing (the images are then stored in their own folder on your computer). his is also where you can erase or protect images.

Slideshow menu:
  • Repeat: On, Off
  • Play Time: 3 to 10 sec., 15 sec., 30 sec. 
  • Effect: Fade, Slide, Off

Canon A2600_playback-menu2.jpg

The playback menu offers just three still image edit options: I-contrast, red-eye correction, and resize. You can not apply any of the shooting mode effects after the fact in playback mode.

Still Image Edit Options:
  • i-Contrast: Auto, Low, Medium, High
  • Red-eye Correction: Auto
  • Resize: 1600x1200 (M) or 640x480 (S) from a Large image (4608x3456)

Canon A2600_playback-print-menu.jpg
In the print menu you can select images individually and select how many prints you want to make. 

Print Settings:
  • Print Type: Standard, Index, Both
  • Date: On, Off
  • File No.: On, Off
  • Clear DPOF data: On, Off

Canon A2600_playback-help-search.jpg
The dedicated help button on the back panel launches a well designed collection of tips and explanations of the camera's functions. Above, note than the center button on the four-way control is highlighted on the camera to help the user navigate to the search image menu. 

Canon A2600_playback-movie.jpg
The default view in movie playback shows no file information, but it operates the same as when viewing still images. Pressing downward on the four-way control cycles the view to include file number and date/time.

Canon A2600_playback-movie3.jpg
A second press of the Display position on the four-way control adds camera settings info and a histogram to the display. When you press the center button on the four-way to start playback, the histogram and file information at bottom right are replaced by a scrolling bar showing the time lapse.

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