PowerShot A1400

PowerShot A1400

Playback Screens & Menus


Please excuse the quality of these screen shots. The camera did not include an AV cable, therefore we had to photograph the LCD.

Canon A1400_playback1.jpgLooking at your photos in playback mode, the camera shows them in one of three views. Shown here is a photo with no camera settings information displayed. The camera displays photos in the last used view, which you change by pressing downward on the four-way control (labeled DISP).

Canon A1400_playback2.jpgPressing downward on the four-way control adds minimum file information to the display: folder and file number, date, and time. 

Canon A1400_playback3.jpgAnother press on the four-way control adds a number of camera settings to the LCD view, including shooting mode, ISO setting, shutter and aperture, white balance, exposure compensation, and file size. Plus, a histogram display. 

Canon A1400_playback-zoom.jpgUsing the zoom ring around the shutter button, you can zoom in dramatically on your images. You can magnify them so much, in fact (up to roughly 10X) that even on the modest 230,000-dot resolution screen you can see the limitations of the camera's image quality, such as digital noise and indistinct details.

Canon A1400_playback-index4.jpg Pressing leftward on the zoom ring takes you to a succession of index views, beginning with four thumbnails. Next, you get nine images on screen, though that is not pictured here. 

Canon A1400_playback-index36.jpg Another leftward press of the zoom ring brings up 36 thumbnails of your images.

Canon A1400_playback-index100.jpg A fourth leftward press brings up 100 thumbnails, which might sound like overkill on a 2.7-inch LCD with 230,000-dot resolution, but if your images have dramatically different backgrounds or subjects, it is still very useful for navigating quickly through a group of images. That is, as elegantly as you can using a four-way control instead of having a dial or wheel at your disposal: Holding down the upward or downward button on the four-way control glides you through pages of thumbnails rather than skipping a page at a time.

Canon A1400_playback-menu1.jpg The playback menu offers a few slideshow options and minor image edits. This is also where you choose to erase or protect images, and set up a photo book in the camera, as indicated above. You can select up to 998 images for a photo book, which are then stored in their own folder on your computer.

Slideshow menu:
  • Repeat: On, Off
  • Play Time: 3 to 10 sec., 15 sec., 30 sec.
  • Effect: Fade, Slide, Off

Canon A1400_playback-menu2.jpgThe playback menu offers just three still image edit options: i-contrast, red-eye correction, and resize. 

Still Image Edit Options:
  • i-Contrast: Auto, Low, Medium, High
  • Red-eye Correction: Auto
  • Resize: 1600x1200 (M) or 640x480 (S) from a Large image (4608x3456)

Canon A1400_playback-print-menu.jpgThe print menu allows you to select images individually in playback and set how many prints you want of each. 

Print Settings:
  • Print Type: Standard, Index, Both
  • Date: On, Off
  • File No.: On, Off
  • Clear DPOF data: On, Off

Canon A1400_playback-help-button.jpgThe dedicated Help button on the back panel launches a series of tutorials and definitions of functions that will aid beginners. If a particular camera button is being explained, its location is highlighted on the camera diagram. 

Canon A1400_playback-help-button2.jpgIn addition to general concepts, modes and settings are explained in the help system, as are tips for improving your photos.

Canon A1400_playback-search.jpgWhen in playback mode, the function/set button at the center of the four-way control pulls up a brief menu that offers quick access to three functions: rotate, protect, and image search.  

Function/Set menu in playback mode:
  • Rotate
  • Protect
  • Image Search: shot date, still image or movie, cancel search

Canon A1400_playback-movie2.jpgPlayback of movies looks the same as still image playback. The default displays no info, and pressing downward on the four-way control alters the view. Pressing once will add the information shown above, including file number, date and time. 

Canon A1400_playback-movie3.jpg Just as with still images, another press downward on the four-way control adds detailed camera settings information, including exposure compensation, white balance setting, and a histogram. 

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