Playback Screens & Menus


When you press the Play button, the last image viewed or captured is displayed full screen with minimal information. Simply press the INFO. button to control the amount of information displayed on the LCD from: quality, image number (6 of 417 total), file name, shutter speed and aperture values - complete exposure info and a brightness histogram - complete exposure info with brightness and RGB histograms - no overlay (only the shutter speed/aperture values and file name is displayed at the top).



To quickly navigate through stored images, you press the Index button (AE lock button in record mode), which will then display an index of the last 4 images capture. Pressing it again will bring up nine thumbnails. You use the 8-way controller or the control dials to navigate through your saved files.


Here you can see the Zoom or Magnify display option. It allows you to examine still images more closely to inspect for critical sharpness, etc. To activate this option, press the Magnifying glass button (AF point selection button in record mode). Each time you press the button the image is magnified more until you reach the maximum of 10x. At any step you can scroll around inside the image using the 8-way controller. Rotating the Quick Control dial allows you to jump to the next or previous image at the same magnification level/position.


Play menu options:

  • Protect - Protect/unprotect images
  • Rotate - Manually rotate portrait mode images
  • Erase images - Select and erase images or All images on card
  • Print Order - Set DPOF printing information
  • Transfer Order - Select images to be transferred to the computer
  • Highlight alert - Disable or Enable
  • AF point display - Disable or Enable
  • Histogram - Select Brightness or RGB histogram
  • Slide Shot - Start and automated slide show playback
  • Image Jump w/main control dial - 1 image, 10 images, 100 images, Screen, Date, Folder, Movies, Stills

Your movie files can also be played back in-camera (full screen). You will see VCR-like controls to control playback. If you want to share these files with friends and family, you simply connect the 7D to your TV with either the standard A/V cables of an optional HDMI cable (sold separately). When viewing movies back in-camera, sound is heard through the built-in speaker, and rotating the main (front) control dial adjusts the volume.

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