Features & Controls (cont.)

The Mode Dial has positions for: Full Auto, Creative Auto (CA), Program AE (P), Shutter-priority (Tv), Aperture-priority (Av), Manual exposure (M), Bulb (B), and Camera user setting 1/2/3. At the bottom, you can see the camera's power Off/On switch.

Buttons and controls on top of the grip include: Shutter release, Multi-function (M-Fn) button, Main Control Dial, Metering Mode/White Balance, AF Mode/Drive Mode, ISO/Flash Exposure Compensation, and the LCD illumination (light bulb) buttons. You can also see the data LCD here as well as the dioptric adjustment for the OVF at the bottom left.

The large data LCD displays all major camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture values, exposure mode, ISO speed, focus mode, metering mode, drive mode, custom function, flash exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, exposure compensation, self-timer, battery status, etc. The data LCD is illuminated by a highly visible orange backlight.

Images are stored on CompactFlash Type I or II flash cards of any capacity, and the 7D is also compatible with older IBM/Hitachi Microdrives. The EOS 7D supports use of high-speed UDMA (Ultra DMA) flash memory cards, which are required to get the full potential of the camera's 8fps continuous burst length capabilities. Using UDMA cards is also recommended when shooting still photos during movie capture.

We highly recommend the use of a fastest CF2 cards available, like the Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB card above, which is a perfect match with the 7D.

Approx. File Size and Storage Capacity using a 4GB CF2 Card:

The actual image size, number of possible shots and maximum burst will vary depending on the subject, shooting mode, ISO speed, Picture Style, etc. The above figures in parenthesis are the from Canon's testing using a 4GB UDMA memory card.


The I/O ports are located on the left side of the 7D. Starting on the left we have the:

  • External flash PC sync connector
  • Remote port for the Remote Switch RS-80N3, Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 or the Wireless Controller LC-5.
  • Microphone input for an external unit
  • Combination port that handles both Standard Definition (SD) Video Out (NTSC or PAL format) and USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity for transferring data to the host computer. It is also PictBridge compatible for direct-printing.
  • HDMI mini (Type C) Video Out; the HDMI Cable HTC-100 (sold separately) is required.

Canon EOS 7D SLR.

The EOS 7D uses the same LP-E6 7.2v 1800mAh lithium rechargeable pack as the EOS 5D Mark II. At normal temperature (73° F/23° C) it's good for ~1000 pictures using the optical viewfinder and no flash or ~900 pictures at lower temperatures (32°F/0°C). When using Live view, these numbers drop considerably to 230/200 pictures. Battery life is incredible thanks to its low-power CMOS imager and power-saving Dual DIGIC 4 processors.

The supplied LC-E6 (US) compact charger requires approx. 2 hours 30 minutes to charge a fully depleted battery pack. The red LED indicates the charge level by a series of blinks; see the charger itself for a key to the meaning of each series. This handy charger features Fold away prongs, perfect for carrying it along in your camera bag.

For those who need an even more versatile battery life, Canon offers the new BG-E7 battery grip. This unit allows you to use two LP-E6 battery packs, which Canon claims will double your batter life; that's over 2000 frames without the flash! You can also use six AA batteries in this unit, which Canon claims will give you about 400 shots when using standard Alkaline LR6 cells. Like previous Canon battery grips, the BG-E7 provides full vertical shooting controls, which can be independently turned on or off as the photographer desires. This battery grip also enhances camera handling, especially for shooting portraits.

Here you can see the EOS 7D with the BG-E7 mounted.

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