Features & Controls (Cont.)

Your main option for composing your images is the 5Ds's optical viewfinder. The eye-level pentaprism viewfinder covers approx. 100% of the image area, both horizontally and vertically, so you capture exactly what you see. This OVF offers a ton of useful shooting information, including an electronic level, so all of the info you need is available to you without lowering the camera.


Storing your images is accomplished with either a SD or CF card. With a slot for each, you can use one of each at the same time. While this makes for an easy transition between the two medias, where you can use what you already have. For most photographers that will be upgrading to the 5Ds, they may only have SD cards and will have to purchase new CF cards in order to load two. The camera is shown here with the Sony UHS-1 32GB SDHC memory card that was used for our testing.


On the left side of the camera you will find several Input/Output ports. On the right side are the HDMI output and high-speed USB 3.0 ports. On the left are MIC and Remote inputs surrounding the PC terminal. Each side is protected by its own rubber flap that secures to the camera body.

Powering the 5Ds is the LP-E6N, 1865mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. This is the same battery that is used in many of the other EOS cameras. In the 5Ds, it is capable of capturing up to 700 images with the OVF or 220 images with the LCD. Also included with the camera is a compact charging unit, allowing you to easily keep your battery and spare ready to go.

Canon's BG-E11 battery grip is available to double your shooting capacity before changing your batteries. This grip also features several shooting controls, including a multi-controller. It will greatly increase the size of an already large camera body.


With no built-in flash unit, you will have to rely on an external speedlite or strobe setup. Canon offers several speedlite options, including the 600EX-RT, shown to the right. A powerful external unit with wireless capabilities, this flash is very versatile and can be a great part of a compact, mobile light setup.

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