Canon EOS 30D SLR Review

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Canon EOS 30D SLR

Playback Features

Playback Menu

  • Protect: Protect (or unprotect) images from being deleted. Note that it does not prevent them from being erased if the card is formatted.

  • Rotate: Rotate image 90° or 270° clockwise.

  • Print Order: Specify images to be printed.

  • Transfer Order: Select images to be transferred to personal computer.

  • Auto play: Plays back the CF card's images in an automatic slide show, displaying each image for about three seconds.

  • Review time: Off/ 2 sec./ 4 sec./ 8 sec./ Hold

  • AF points: Displays (or not) AF points in shooting information screen

  • Histogram display: Brightness or RGB channels

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

To review captured images you press the Playback button. To select the desired playback format you depress the INFO button and choose among Single image with basic info, Shooting information, and Single image without shooting info.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

The Shooting Info mode displays a small thumbnail of the picture and a histogram, and also indicates: shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, image protection, image quality, file size, AF point, shooting mode, metering mode, Monochrome, flash compensation, ISO speed, white balance, image verification data appended, color temperature, color space, White Balance, WB correction, playback image number/number of images recorded, date, time and file number.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR>

The histogram can be configured to display Brightness or the RGB data.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

The Single image screen shows the picture full screen with the shutter speed, aperture, playback image number/number of images recorded, and file number. If the Auto Rotate option was enabled when you captured the picture it will be displayed like this on playback. You can manually rotate portrait mode images via the playback menu when needed.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

In both Single image and shooting information display modes, you can JUMP forward or backward among images rather than view them sequentially. Depress the JUMP button then turn the Quick Control dial to jump 10 images at a time, or depress the SET button and turn the Quick Control dial to select jump methods of 10 images, 100 images or by shot date.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

The Single image can be enlarged from 1.5X up to 10X for inspection of focus, color or composition. You can scroll around the magnified image at any step.

Canon EOS-30D Digital SLR

Index playback is invoked by depressing the * button in playback mode; it displays 9 images per screen. The JUMP button and Quick Command dial combine to scroll 1 9-image screen at a time.

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