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Cuteness Overload: Amazing Shots of Puppies While Underwater

Taken by Venice Beach-based photographer Seth Casteel, this collection of photographs captures puppies as they are learning how to swim in training classes. This series is actually a follow-up to his last collection, Underwater Dogs. Both series have been turned into books, the first which quickly became a New York Times best seller.

Regarding gear, Casteel shoots underwater with Canon DSLR cameras as well as Tokina lenses. To keep the camera completely dry, Casteel uses an IKELITE housing system. To capture the photos, Casteel doesn’t actually use any scuba gear. He just dives below the puppy and snaps several shots while holding his breath.

The puppies depicted in the photographs are between six weeks and six months of age. Casteel was actually teaching the puppies how to swim correctly, an ideal step in helping a dog learn about water safety if a homeowner has a pool in the backyard.

If you are interested in viewing more of Casteel’s work, please be sure to check our his work on You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, here are both of his books on Amazon: Underwater Dogs / Underwater Puppies. Check out some of our favorite shots below:

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Terrier mixes


Yellow Lab


All Photos Credited to Seth Casteel. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter

  • Jesper says: May 17, 2015 at 4:34 am

    Thanks for that, totally loved that. You can see they are having fun too, love the one going for the ball!

  • Anahí says: August 12, 2015 at 6:02 pm