Glasstron LCD Eyeglasses

Quite possibly the coolest pair of shades that you'll ever wear. And guaranteed to attract a crowd faster than a Coolpix 950 with an EagleEye OpticZoom, unless you're using both of them at the same time!These are the Sony PLM-A35 "Glasstron" Personal Home Theater System LCD eyeglasses.We all complain about not being able to see our LCD screens outside in the bright sunlight, right?   Put on a pair of these bad boys, plug your digicam's video cable into the control unit and your monitor is now as visible outdoors as it is indoors.And get this ... the PLM-A35 glasses simulate a 52" diagonal screen when viewed from a distance of 6.5 feet. The PLM-A35 system comes complete with a control box, AC power supply, AV cables and 3 RCA-to-RCA adapter plugs. Shown here with the optional NP-F550 InfoLITHIUM battery. The Glasstron has two 0.55-inch Liquid Crystal Displays, each with a

Digi-Frame 5.6" LCD Picture Viewer

Say hello to the DF-560 Digi-Frame, it's the new millennium's answer to the static picture frame of your parent's generation.   There's no better way to display your digital pictures than with a digital picture frame.  Forget the trip to the photo store and the printing fees -- just pop in a flash card full of pictures and hit the power switch!The Digi-Frame comes with three snap on frames to suit the personality and decor of the user. The DF-560 is a 5.6" diagonal, active matrix TFT color LCD display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. It can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and automatically senses which orientation it is in and displays the pictures accordingly. You can insert either CompactFlash Type I (CF) or SmartMedia 3.3/5v (SM) cards with up to 500 pictures on them. For the most robust slide show you should use 640x480 or smaller sized

Ceiva: Internet-Connected Picture Frame

WOW!   Don't we live in exciting times? Ceiva Logic has really got something here with the world's first Internet-connected picture frame. For those of us who enjoy sharing our digital photos, there is finally a way to include all those folks who aren't on the Internet.The Ceiva looks like a regular photo frame with a black matt but it's not. It displays photos that are received via the built in modem!   You upload photos to Ceiva's web site and then their service sends the photos you select to friends and family member's Ceivas, no computer required!In just a matter of minutes your photos can be shared around the world! No more printing the pictures and mailing them out to the non PC'ers. The rear of the frame looks just like any other photo frame except for the two connectors and two buttons. The white button is used to control the Ceiva's

VideoChip's Wallet LCD Picture Viewer

VideoChip's $349 Wallet is a solid state, digital photo album that will display your digital photos directly from any CompactFlash card. The Wallet fits in the palm of your hand and gives you the ability to share your photos anywhere and anytime.You know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words."   When you can show your digital photo to a business associate, potential home buyer or a family member right now, it's like that MasterCharge TV commercial says it's "priceless."Nikon is selling an OEM branded version of the Wallet with their CoolGear logo. See info below about a new firmware upgrade for all Wallets. If you own a digital still camera that uses regular CompactFlash cards then you gotta have one of these things!   (Check here for info about CF2 and SmartMedia compatibility.)   You can snap your photos, remove the card from the camera, slip it into the Wallet and view