HoodMan Nikon D1 LCD Hoodcap

Nikon D1

You won't own or use a Nikon D1 for long before that opaque LCD cover becomes more than a minor annoyance. It can often get snapped to the point that you swear you are going to break it in two trying to get it off. Our friends at Hoodman USA have come up with an inexpensive alternative called the Hoodcap for the Nikon D1. 

Nikon D1

As you can "see" it is transparent and does not have to be removed. It gives your LCD the same protection as the opaque cap so no worries about knicks or scratches or expensive repairs. This is the best $20 accessory you'll ever buy for your D1 !

This from Mike Chaney (author of Qimage Pro)

    "I found that the Hoodman does a good job in protecting the LCD. I noted that the LCD was just as sharp and detailed with the Hoodman on as it was with it off. It definitely doesn't get in the way or deter from the image on the LCD in any way. I think it's easily worth $20. It's nicely made and fastens easily and tightly to the D1. I suspect that anyone who uses the preview function frequently will really appreciate it."

Order a D1 Hoodcap for $19.95 from Hoodman

New Hoodman D1 Hoodcap Hood

Hoodman Nikon D1 Hoodcap Hood

The folks at Hoodman USA are now shipping their new $40 Nikon D1 Hoodcap Hood. It's a flexible, soft rubber bellows-type hood that fits over the color LCD on the Nikon D1 and works in conjunction with their $20 Hoodcap product, a protective cover for the 2" color LCD screen.

With your Hoodcap in place over your Nikon D1's LCD screen, the new D1 Hood slips over the ears of your Hoodcap and snugly stays in place. D1 hood is a soft rubber hood with bellows which collapse onto themselves when you need to look through your viewfinder. D1-hood springs back into place providing glare free LCD screen viewing when you move your eye away from your viewfinder. 

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