Xtend-a-View 2x Loupe/Shade

Anyone who has ever tried using the LCD screen on their digicam out in the bright sunlight knows what they need - they need a shade!Williams & Associates has come up with the Xtend-a-ViewTM which is a combination LCD shade and a 2x power magnifying loupe eyepiece. The Xtend-a-View sells for $16.95 and attaches with self-adhesive velcro strips so it can be easily removed when not needed. I'm happy to report that my earlier review had pointed out that the Xtend-a-View did not sit flat on the Nikon 950. They have since made a modification in the unit and it now seats firmly and flatly on the back of the Nikon as illustrated above. Once you get it mounted properly it does leave the control buttons accessible but not "easily" accessible. You can see in this photo and the very first one at the beginning of this review, the top and bottom buttons around

JAR Sun Shield

Anyone who has ever tried using the LCD screen on their digicam out in the bright sunlight knows what they need - they need a shade! Jess Russell makes a very inexpensive LCD Sun Shade called the JAR Sun Shield that was originally made only for the Sony Mavica digital cameras. Well, yours truly talked him into making a smaller sun shield for the Nikon Coolpix 900, 900s and 950 cameras.The best part besides that it works great is that it only costs $10.00 and that includes shipping via the USPS!   If ordering for the Nikon cameras be sure to let Jess know or else you might end up with one made for a Mavica. The JAR Sunshield does not interfere with the swiveling lens portion of the Nikon 950 in any way. Here's the three velcro strips that you put around your LCD screen to attach the JAR Sun Shield -- it's the

HoodMan LCD Sunshades

Anyone who has ever tried using the LCD screen on their digicam out in the bright sunlight knows what they need - they need a shade! The folks at HoodManTM sell an entire series of different sized folding sunshade hoods for LCD screens and video monitors. The one I am using here is the model H200 and is made to cover LCD screens from 1.5" to 2.5" in size and sells for $19.95 Here's the HV200 on the Canon Pro 70 and it's a match made in heaven! The strap and velcro fastener works perfectly on the Pro 70's outboard LCD screen. It can be attached via the elastic cord and velcro fastener or you can cut that off and use self-adhesive velcro strips around the LCD screen. As you can see, you can't use the strap on a camera like the Olympus C-2000Z for obvious reasons. This is the new and smaller Hoodman H180 model that also

HoodMan Nikon D1 LCD Hoodcap

You won't own or use a Nikon D1 for long before that opaque LCD cover becomes more than a minor annoyance. It can often get snapped to the point that you swear you are going to break it in two trying to get it off. Our friends at Hoodman USA have come up with an inexpensive alternative called the Hoodcap for the Nikon D1. As you can "see" it is transparent and does not have to be removed. It gives your LCD the same protection as the opaque cap so no worries about knicks or scratches or expensive repairs. This is the best $20 accessory you'll ever buy for your D1 !This from Mike Chaney (author of Qimage Pro)"I found that the Hoodman does a good job in protecting the LCD. I noted that the LCD was just as sharp and detailed with the Hoodman on as it was with it off.

HoodMan E-2000 Laptop LCD Sunshade

HoodManTM sells an entire series of different sized, folding sunshade hoods for the LCD screens on digital cameras, camcorders and video monitors. This is the $39.95 e-clipse model E-2000 and it fits on Powerbooks, ibooks and 95% of the PC laptops on the market.If you're like me then you probably use your laptop for "in the field" storage and review of your digital images. But even sitting in the car there's still too much light bouncing around to see the LCD screen properly. Slip the E-2000 on and your problems are over. You can even use your laptop while sitting out in the direct sunlight. Not only does the E-2000 make a nifty sunshade, it also provides a privacy shield for nearby onlookers. They would just about have to be sitting in the same place that you are to see your computer screen.If this thing looks familiar and you can't remember

Opt-X Pro LCD Optical Viewer

UPDATE 9/24/2004 This company is no longer in business.Digital cameras are great, we all love the ability to instantly review our pictures in the field with the color LCD but ... it's worthless if you can't see it due to high ambient light levels.Enter the Opt-XTM LCD Optical Viewer from the folks at Technical Innovations. Opt-X is a combination LCD shade and magnifying eyepiece built around a unique and collapsible bellows design.Shown in this review is the Opt-X Pro Plus model which includes the stainless steel tripod screw on the bottom that allows the camera and the Opt-X viewer to be attached to a tripod if desired. The Opt-X Pro model is currently available for Nikon Coolpix 950, 990 and 995; Olympus C-2020 thru C-3040 (probably the new C-4040 as well); Canon PowerShot G1 (probably the new G2 as well); Kodak DC4800; Sony DSC-S75 (probably the new S85 as well). The Opt-X Pro

PhotoDon's LCD Sunshades

The PhotoDon Digi-Cam Three Sided Glare Reduction Visor is a well-crafted but inexpensive sunshade for your camera's color LCD. It can be quickly attached or removed from your camera and folds flat when not in use. The gun-metal gray color is a perfect match for the Nikon Coolpix 990's body and also looks just as good on most other cameras as well.The visor is available in 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5 inch sizes which are the standard advertised camera screen sizes. The Digi-Cam visors are cost effective at only $10.00 for 1.8 and 2.0 inch, $14.00 for 2.5 inch and includes the velcro fasteners, detailed instructions for installation and an LCD cover to protect your LCD when not in use and a PhotoDon LCD-Lens cloth.2.0" visors are available at select Ritz Camera Stores, these fit 1.8" and 2" LCDs. I use the visor in my studio to shield the overhead light

Xtend-a-View Pro Loupe/Shade

Today's modern digital cameras and their color LCD screens are great when you use them indoors but what happens when you use them outdoors?  You, guessed it -- next to worthless unless you shield the screen.   As long as you're shielding the screen why not magnify the view too.   Now you can use macro mode on those flowers or use that big telephoto lens that used to be impossible to focus. Williams & Associates has updated their Xtend-a-View LCD sunshade and magnifier loupe and is now offering the Xtend-a-View Pro TM  a rugged, precision optical device. The body is machined aluminum and the eyepiece is a 2X custom ground glass element.Shown above is the $22.00 Xtend-a-View Pro plus the optional $5.00 Eyecup, cover and leash. (Coolpix 990 not included, sorry). The Xtend-a-View Pro attaches with the included self-adhesive velcro strips and can be easily removed when not needed. The Xtend-a-View Pro is a perfect