Memory Cards - Info About Different Types

The different types of flash memory cards for use in digital cameras are: Secure Digital (SD), CompactFlash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), MultiMediaCard (MMC) xD-Picture Card (xD) and SmartMedia (SM).The type of memory card you use is dictated by which digital camera you buy. These cards are physically different and are -not- interchangeable.NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTE --- NOTEeBay has become notorious for "fake memory card" sales, thousands of people have been scammed by sellers who are selling inferior or lower capacity cards that have been relabeled and repackaged to look like the real thing. Buyer beware - I recommend that you purchase your cards only from reputable online vendors or brick and mortar stores. If you must buy on eBay then check out this page at for ways to visually identify some (not all) of the most popular fake cards. Also see ourpublic discussion

High-Capacity CF & SD Cards

Today's choices in flash memory storage devices for digital cameras and other devices is mind-boggling.   It's no wonder the consumer is totally confused.   Just figuring out which options your camera should have is tough enough.Then you discover that there are all kinds of memory storage options -- SmartMedia (SM), CompactFlash (CF), MemoryStick (MS), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), eXtreme Digital (xD), Microdrive ... and none of them are compatible with the others.Only recently have Secure Digital, Memory Stick and xD cards gotten above the 1GB capacity mark --CompactFlash (CF) devices offer capacities of up to 12 Gigabytes, they're the main focus of this report.We are also expanding our SD card coverage - SD cards are now the most popular flash media type and getting bigger (up to 32GB) and faster (up to 150x speed and beyond) all the time!Click here to jump to the SD/SDHC Card Section.CompactFlash Type IPopular 1GB

Microdrive Storage Devices

The most popular IBM/Hitachi Microdrives IBM began the Microdrive storage device revolution with their first 340MB capacity CompactFlash Type II miniature rotating disk drive. Next came the 512MB Microdrive and then the 1GB Microdrive. The 340MB Microdrive proved to be somewhat problematic and was dropped from production and replaced by the 512MB Microdrive.At the end of December 2002 Hitachi bought IBM's disk drive business and formed a new Hitachi Global Storage Technologies company. In addition to the desktop and laptop hard drives, Hitachi will also be producing the popular 1-inch Microdrive. Hitachi Global Storage said that it planned to produce a Microdrive with 4 gigabytes of storage. At that time the largest Microdrive that IBM made only held 1 gigabyte of data. The CompactFlash Type II form factor Microdrive is extremely popular in high resolution digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players. The 512MB, 1GB and 2GB Microdrives can be used in most digital cameras