Graslon Prodigy Flash Diffuser

Graslon's new Prodigy flash diffuser adds a new level to portable diffusers for external flash units. Its intricate design gives you a much larger light source before it even starts to diffuse it. This gives you an unparalleled softness that you will not get from other diffusers. This one size fits all unit will work with any external flash and is quick and easy to adjust. 

Physical Views and Features:

The unique inside of the Graslon flash diffuser allows it to recreate the source of the light as a much larger 5"x8" light source instead of the much smaller area of the compact external flash that you are using. The larger source, providing the same amount of power, gives you a much softer light, reducing and softening shadows. 

Its mirror-like finish on the inside and the plastic diffuser in the center spread light to the entire inside of the unit before exiting. The center piece features several slits allowing some light to pass directly through, thus creating evenly spread light throughout; even in front.  Now you have the much larger light source that still has to pass through the diffusing material. 

Here is a great look at the mounting system developed by Graslon. With the help of 6 thumb screws, four sides are easily adjustable to fit any flash unit. Rubber pads on the inside will help grip the flash. Once you have fit the diffuser to the flash, it will still slide on and off easily. Around the outside you will see an elastic band with a velcro strip. Pulling this tight will safely and securely tighten the diffuser on to the flash. If pulled tight, you should not have to worry about the unit falling off.

graslon_prodigy_case.JPGWhen the diffuser is not in use, Graslon has included this plastic cover that securely snaps onto the back of the unit. It provides protection to the inside of the diffuser and to the flash mounting system.

Steve's Conclusion and Sample Photos:

Working with the Prodigy diffuser was a pleasure. Its easy setup and adjustment to fit our flash unit had it on the flash in just a couple minutes initially, and after that it only takes a few seconds to put on and take off. Once you slide it on the flash and tighten the strap, it fits firmly and we did not worry at all about it falling off. The diffuser itself is quite large, and it did take a little time to get used to having it on our flash unit when it was on the camera, but the effects are well worth the adjustment. Its size does make it a little difficult to throw into a smaller camera bag; which seems to be its only drawback.

In all of our sample images you can see its amazing ability to soften the light from the flash, which in turn softens the shadows and spreads softer light more evenly across the entire image. In addition to comparing the unit to the flash alone, we also looked at it compared to the Gary Fong Collapsible Lightsphere, a favorite of our editor, and noticed that it did in fact do a better job. In some instances it was able to almost completely make the shadows disappear. While shooting with the diffuser and flash on the camera, make sure that you have a lens hood available. If the diffuser sticks out further than the lens, it will sent light back into the lens, washing out your image. Taking it off the camera allows you to set up a small but powerful portable studio setup using your external flash units. Adjusting our exposures with an external flash meter, the images taken using the diffuser gave us better color tones and much softer highlights. 

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*Our sample images were taken with a Canon 60D and Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash unit.

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Gary Fong's Collapsible Lightsphere
Graslon Prodigy
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Gary Fong's Collapsible Lightsphere
Graslon Prodigy
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Graslon Prodigy
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Graslon Prodigy
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Graslon Prodigy