Graslon Prodigy Flash Diffuser

Graslon's new Prodigy flash diffuser adds a new level to portable diffusers for external flash units. Its intricate design gives you a much larger light source before it even starts to diffuse it. This gives you an unparalleled softness that you will not get from other diffusers. This one size fits all unit will work with any external flash and is quick and easy to adjust. Physical Views and Features:The unique inside of the Graslon flash diffuser allows it to recreate the source of the light as a much larger 5"x8" light source instead of the much smaller area of the compact external flash that you are using. The larger source, providing the same amount of power, gives you a much softer light, reducing and softening shadows. Its mirror-like finish on the inside and the plastic diffuser in the center spread light to the entire inside of the unit before exiting. The center

Gary Fong's Puffer - Pop-Up Flash Diffuser

We've all been there. You've just picked up a new digital camera, whether a high-end point-n-shoot, or a dSLR, and now you're ready to capture some amazing photos. However, your budget didn't allow for an expensive external flash unit to go along with your sweet new camera. While the built-in flash units on higher end "prosumer", Super-zoom, and dSLR models are very handy, they still lack the power and options offered by an external unit. One area they really lack in is light diffusion, which can lead to strong shadowing, harsh direct light, over exposure of highlights, etc. That's where Gary Fong's Puffer comes into play. This "Pop-Up Flash Diffuser" is designed to soften the harsh direct light that comes from your built-in flash, giving you a more even, natural looking source of light. This helps make photos more pleasing, in a variety of settings. I shoot mostly portraits, as

Gary Fong's Collapsible Lightsphere

One size fits all, that's the idea behind Gary's latest Lightsphere model. The Collapsible Lightsphere (aka CLS in this article) is a large, yet effective flash diffuser that offers a wide variety of options over the conventional omni-bounce. Not only does this unit fit most all external flash units on the market thanks to its "sizing ribs", but it can be collapsed down to 1 1/2 inches when you're not wanting to use it. This is accomplished thanks to its soft clear vinyl construction, which allows you to either collapse the unit and keep it attached to your flash, or easily store it away in your camera bag.  Physical ViewsHere we can see the retail packaging of the Collapsible Lightsphere.Once you've unpacked the Lightsphere you now have three pieces, once of which is an adapter ring that is only needed when using the optional "ChromeDome" attachment (top right of the

Quantaray MS-1 Slave Booster

 The Quantaray MS-1 is called a slave flash booster and is readily available for $19.95 at most Ritz Camera Stores. Buy a pair and stuff them in your camera bag along with some AAA batteries. For less than $50 you can enhance your digicam's flash picture quality.Got your attention huh?It isn't long after you start using your digicam before you discover that the builtin flash may be handy but it always makes your flash pictures *look* like flash pictures. Usually a harsh shadow down one side of your subject or the other is the result of the camera's flash being to close to the lens.You also find out that the whimpy little flash on your camera can't even light up the room without one or more dark areas that need more light. This is exactly what these little flash boosters were made for. But, they were made to work with

DSF-1s DigiSlave Flash

It isn't long after you buy your digicam before you realize that the builtin flash unit is just not powerful enough for most real-world lighting situations. It's fine for the usual snapshots but if you try to shoot anything beyond 8 feet, forget about it! Digicam manufacturers have to keep the flash units small because the camera is small to begin with and there is a very limited amount of battery power to run both the camera and the flash unit.The solution is to add an auxilliary flash unit but most digicams do not have the necessary flash sync connector or a hot shoe flash bracket as you find on film cameras. What you need is a cordless slave flash that uses the digicam's flash unit to trigger the outboard flash. You can find slave flash units at the local camera store but they won't work with 90% of the

MagneFlash 68 Flat-Panel Flash

The Zenon MagneFlash 68Plus is a flat-panel electronic flash unit for use with digital or film cameras.   It's a self-contained, slave-activated flash unit with a 6 x 8 inch metal-backed optical panel that's only 1/8th of an inch thick. The MagneFlash can also be triggered directly via wired connection from the camera's PC sync port or flash hot shoe.The MagneFlash 68Plus outputs a wide-angled spread of 5600°K light, the same color temperature as daylight, so it can be used as a fill source with mixed daylight illumination. It is ideal for illuminating objects photographed at close range, especially highly reflective objects. Two or more MagneFlash's can be used to provide softbox-quality light for studio portraits.The light output is sufficient to use an F5.6 aperture @ 1.5m at ISO 200. You can produce professional looking product photography with one or two of these flash units and a seamless background. The

MagneFlash 57 Flat-Panel Flash

The Zenon MagneFlash 57 is a flat-panel electronic flash unit for use with digital or regular film cameras (does anybody still use one of those?)   This is a self-contained and slave-activated flash unit with a 5 x 7 inch metal backed optical panel that's only 1/8-inch thick. It has a standard shoe foot so it can be mounted on a camera's flash shoe, mounted on a flash stand (not included) or handheld.The MagneFlash is ideal for illuminating objects photographed at close range, especially highly reflective objects. The flash light is diffused by the large optical panel and much more evenly distributed than conventional, direct flash units. It's also good for head and shoulder portrait shots. The flash color temperature is 5600°K, the same as daylight so it can be used as a fill source with mixed daylight illumination. The light output is sufficient to use an F8 aperture

Magic Bracket for Nikon 9xx

 The Magic Bracket has been designed for use with the Nikon Coolpix 990 or 995 digital camera, the Nikon AS-E900 flash shoe / sync cable and a Nikon brand or compatible speedlight.The Magic Bracket can go from landscape to portrait orientation quickly, allows the flash to be placed up and over the camera in two different positions and offers full bounce, tilt and swivel flexibility even if the flash unit doesn't.The compact bracket is crafted from casted aluminum and steel to give you a lightweight yet sturdy mounting bracket for even the biggest speedlight.  It has a black powder-coated finish to compliment your camera and give you year's of worry-free service. Shown above is the Magic Bracket Pro which includes the optional Magic Grip.  Here's the Magic Bracket without the Magic Grip. This makes for a highly compact and portable setup. This shows the other position for the flash over the camera.  A

The Rollbar flash bracket for Nikon 9xx

 Modular One has just introduced The Rollbar flash bracket for the Nikon Coolpix 950, 990, 995 and new 4500 digital cameras.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the Nikon AS-E900 flash shoe/sync cable assembly and a Nikon-compatible speedlight.The $49.95 bracket positions the flash up away from the camera to eliminate annoying redeye problems but still keeps it directly above the lens. The padded handgrip gives you a secure hold at all times of the camera and flash combination.  The Rollbar is now compatible with the new Nikon Coolpix 4500 if you either buy the Rollbar 4500 System or purchase the CP4500 Bracket for your existing Rollbar 950 or Rollbar 990/950.The Coolpix 4500 is the best yet for external flash as Nikon put the flash sync connector on top of the lens unit rather than on the underside. No more tightly stretched sync cords and it stays up and out of the way

Versatec Flash Bracket for Nikon 9xx

 (I have not been able to contact anyone at RX Camera so I do believe that they have closed this portion of their business. This review is for reference only.) The folks at RX Camera Accessories have built an excellent flash bracket for the Nikon Coolpix 900s / 950 / 990 cameras, it will not work on the Coolpix 995 because of the new popup flash.. The $74.95 RX bracket is designed to be used with the Nikon AS-E900 flash shoe/sync cable assembly and a Nikon-compatible speedlight.RX Camera Accessories now has a lens hood and cable release bracket for Coolpix cameras, click here for the pictures and details.  The RX attaches to the Coolpix by tightening the padded screw against the bottom of the camera's lens unit. The part that contacts the top of the lens unit is also well padded. This padding helps to grip the camera firmly without the worry of scratching the

Phoenix 66S Pro Slave Flash

We're always looking for better ways to enhance the flash capabilities of our digicams because they all have pathetically underpowered built in flash units. I recently ordered and received the $29 Phoenix 66S Pro Slave flash unit (stock number 12-0369W) from Porter's Camera in Iowa. Here's their description of it:It's a slave flash. It's a manual flash. It's a stand alone remote slave flash. It's a slave or manual trigger for any attached hot shoe flash. It's a pro hand grip. It's for use with all point-n-shoot cameras, SLRs or any other flash set-up. It's more than you bargained for.Sporting a useful GN#66 with ISO 100 film, the ProSlave is ideal for a very wide variety of creative flash situations. Use it on your point-n-shoot or SLR as a sturdy, steady hand grip. Or fire your cameras built-in flash to automatically trigger the Pro Slave as supplemental flash illumination. You can also