Epson Perfection 2450 Photo/Film Scanner

From Open Requirement to Trusted Workplace ColleagueReview by Keith Krebs, EditorPersistence of Vision Image ServiceEvery so often, we all have to upgrade those workhorse standby products we depend upon everyday to accomplish basic office home or home/office tasks. Several weeks back I was faced with one of those unexpected and unwelcome replacement/upgrade tasks when my trustworthy UMax flatbed started having obvious problems producing decent scans. It looked like a problem with the stepping motor and given the relatively low cost of the original unit (approx $100) and its age (3 years+) it was obviously time for a new unit.My old UMax flatbed had not been able to produce scans of transparencies, but I already had a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 on hand. Therefore, the ability to produce high quality scans from 35mm slides or negatives was not a consideration, but I still was hoping for an option around a few hundred

AcerScan Prisa 620U Flatbed Scanner

AcerScan Prisa 620U600dpi USB Flatbed Image Scanner I have been an avid user of image scanners for many years now, my first "serious" scanner was a Microtek 600Z that cost me close to $1400. It was a three pass, 300dpi flatbed scanner that used a proprietary parallel port interface card. It did a good job but was very slow. Today's image scanners are incredibly fast, feature high-resolution, simple host interfaces and are very reasonably priced.The AcerScan Prisa 620U is an excellent choice for anyone who is thinking about buying a high-quality, flatbed image scanner. It's optical resolution is 600dpi with a color depth of 36 bits and features a USB interface. Anyone with Windows 95 OSR release 2 (aka Windows 95B) or Windows 98 that has USB ports should consider putting them to good use. Most of today's most popular selling scanners use the parallel printer port, they offer easy installation

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III

The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III is a high performance yet affordable 35mm and APS film scanner. It's been designed and priced for those that have never used a film scanner before but have the need to digitize negatives or slides for viewing and sharing on computers or the Internet. If you're like me you probably have several boxes or albums full of favorite holiday or vacation slides just sitting in the closet. I don't even own a projector or screen anymore but I'd sure like to view and enhance those pictures on my computer, wouldn't you?In the past you had to chose from either a low resolution and inexpensive scanner or a high resolution and very expensive scanner. The DiMAGE Scan Dual III is a high resolution scanner (up to 2820dpi optical) with fast USB 2.0 performance, automatic dust removal and color reconstruction capability and sells for less than

Canon Canoscan FS4000 Film Scanner

The CanoScan FS4000US is a high performance, desktop film scanner that offers 4000-dpi optical resolution at 42-bits, the highest specifications in its class. The new scanner accepts 35mm and Advanced Photo System films, including slide film, and helps consumers bridge the gap between analog and digital imaging by providing a means of downloading conventional photographs into a computer for creating prints, Photo CD's, e-mail and personal web sites at a suggested retail of $1099.The scanner offers a number of new and improved features including 4000 dpi optical resolution for outstanding clarity plus 14-bit A/D conversion for exceptional gradation and accurate color reproduction; two built-in interfaces - USB for easy connection to personal computers and SCSI-2 for high speed data transfer; FARE, a Canon-developed dust and scratch "detect and correct" function; Automatic film type detection; Auto focus; and a full range of scanning functions using FilmGet FS for Windows and Mac.It

Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED

The Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED is a high-performance yet affordable ($1695 MSRP) desktop scanner for 35mm and APS film and slides. It features a 3,946-pixel monochrome linear CCD that scans an area of 25.2 x 38mm (3946x5959 pixels) with an optical scanning resolution of 4000 dpi. A Nikkor lens with three low-dispersion ED glass elements and a fast and accurate autofocus system insures consistently sharp images. The 14-bit A/D conversion yields a wide 4.2 dynamic range and the 48-bit color depth generates up to 137MB size images with 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x Multi-SamplingThe Super Coolscan 4000 ED, the multi-format Super Coolscan 8000 ED and the Nikon Coolscan IV ED are the first scanners to offer AFS' Digital ICE3 technology, a suite of sophisticated digital enhancement tools for color correcting and enhancing images. Digital ICE3 works with the Nikon Scan 3.0 software to offer three image correction tools;

Happenstance/Nikon 950/990 Close-up Stand

Happenstance Closeup stand for the Coolpix 990With the $39 Happenstance Close-up Stand and your Nikon Coolpix 950 or 990 digital camera you can easily explore the world of super-macro photography from the convenience of your table top.The key to this system is the 950/990's ability to focus down to less than an inch with no auxilliary lenses required. The Happenstance Close-up Stand is designed so that your can capture full-frame images (long direction of the frame) of objects over a 2:1 range at 0.8 to 1.6 inches.The Happenstance Close-up stand is constructed from machined acrylic and stainless steel, it is a high quality piece of precision hardware. Happenstance Closeup stand for the Coolpix 950Using the closeup stand with the Coolpix 950 is very simple if you follow these steps:Put the Nikon in M-Rec modePress the Menu buttonGo to the SET UP submenuSelect LCD ON/OFF menuSelect ON&S-AF option <-- very important!Press Menu button to return