Spyder4Pro: Display Calibration Device

After two years, Datacolor has upgraded their powerful, and popular, Spyder3 Display Calibrations device. The all new Spyder4 offers various upgrades and updates when compared side by side with the Spyder3, which include: Improved accuracy compared to Spyder3Average of 26% improved accuracy for monitors tested Monitor Quality Analyzer (Pro and Elite models)Advanced calibration accuracy testMonitor quality ratingDisplay gamut graphingGamma and White Point testSupport for CRT displays (X-Rite product no longer supports CRT displays)Supports RGB balancing adjustments Advanced MQA (Elite only)Uniformity luminance and color graphingAdvanced multiple display tuning New SpyderGallery app for iPad /iPhone (free on the App Store)The only calibration solution for the iPad & iPhone on the market todayAvailable on all Spyder models SpyderTune (Elite only)The ultimate tool for  fine tuning your displaysDisplaying proper color and brightness (aka gamma) is extremely important, whether you're an amateur or professional who deals with photos, video or graphics. With a plethora of

Spyder 3 Elite: Display Calibration Device

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, videographer or a graphic artist, having a monitor with accurate color and gamma representation is a key component when editing and viewing photos, video, etc. With so many display choices out there today, there's a good chance that pictures displayed on your monitor will look different than when viewed on your laptop or when printing, which is due to manufacturers using different color profile settings from the factory. This can cause some serious headaches, especially when you are in the business of selling and printing your photos. Enter the Sypder3Elite system from Datacolor. The Spyder 3 is their latest display calibration device (aka colorimeter), which they boast is 29% more accurate than previous versions.  Datacolor designed the Spyder3 system to help photographers and videographers alike have precise and accurate color and brightness control on all our their displays, whether a LCD screen, laptop,

ColorRight Pro Review

While attending PMA 2010, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a very cool product, the ColorRight Pro (also referred to as the CR Pro in this article). One problem many photogs come up against is white balance, especially when you're not shooting in a studio where you have control over your lighting source. So, for those who are shooting outdoors, at a wedding, or a local sporting event, it can be difficult to get the camera to accurately represent colors. This usually leads to the tedious task of spending time editing photos later on a PC/Mac. I for one have a good amount of first hand experience with this, as for the past few years I've been shooting weddings, which seem to always pose some difficult lighting situations. While most dSLRs on the market today offer pretty robust Auto white balance systems, there are still many situations in which

ColorVision Printfix Pro Printer ICC Profile Maker

ICC Profiles If one wishes a reasonable match between one's inkjet printer results and monitor, as well as maximal print quality, it is best to have a color managed system, in which ICC profiles act as a "translator" between the various ways that these devices interpret colors.  These profiles may be supplied with the devices, purchased, or one may generate them with appropriate equipment.  There are various approaches, but it is generally accepted that specialized hardware, designed for the purpose, does the best job.  In years past this was very expensive, but prices have fallen dramatically in recent years for monitor colorimeter based systems, and now this is also true for hardware based printer profiling. Testing I tested this software and hardware on three different Windows XP computer systems, using three different printers and inksets.  Three papers were evaluated, Epson Enhanced matte, Epson Premium Luster, and Office Depot Pro Glossy. Description The ColorVision PrintFIX PRO package is designed to produce ICC profiles for RGB inkjet