SM-R1 USB SmartMedia Flash Memory Card Reader


FujiFilm USA sent me the new MX-2900 camera for evaluation and also in the box was their new SM-R1 SmartMedia card reader. At first I ignored it as I already have PCMCIA drives in all of my computers. Then I noticed that it was a USB port version and decided to give it a try on my AMD K62-300 desktop machine.

According to the box it came in the SM-R1 is designed for both the 3.3v and 5v SmartMedia cards in any capacity up to the newest 32MB size. Your computer must be Pentium running Windows 98 with a USB port or a Macintosh PowerPC G3 with Mac OS 8.1 to 8.5. It didn't say but I would have to imagine that it will also work with the new iMac computers too but don't quote me on this...

The installation was quick and simple, fire up Windows 98, stick in the driver CD-ROM, plug the SM-R1 into a free USB port and loaded the new driver. A minute later I was looking at a new drive resource in My Computer whenever a SmartMedia card was inserted into the reader.

The data transfer rate was quite fast, I copied a full 8MB card full of files to hard drive in short order. Needless to say it was MUCH faster than using a serial cable and MUCH faster than using a Flashpath floppy disk Smartmedia adapter. Using the USB card reader was like copying files from one folder to another folder on the hard drive!

There really isn't much else to report -- the SM-R1 is small, about the same size as a pack of cigarettes -- but a lot more healthy... The installation was a snap, it functioned perfectly and all was happy in digicam land !   Say goodbye to Mr Serial cable!!! 

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Steve's Digi-Rating

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I give the Fuji SM-R1 card reader a rating of 5 digicams, it operates flawlessly, installs easily, and it uses the ultrafast USB port.