MicroTech ZiO! USB Card Readers

MicroTech ZiO! USB Card Reader

The MicroTech ZiO! USB card readers are perfect for transfering data to and from digital cameras, MP3 players, digital camcorders or cellphones using CompactFlash Type I or II, 3.3v SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard (MMC) or Memory Stick flash memory cards.

Only slightly larger than the media it reads, the $29.95 ZiO! is the world's smallest flash memory card reader. It weighs less than an ounce, and plugs directly into the host computer's USB port. No external power source is required, the ZiO! is bus-powered. Compatible with USB-equipped Macintosh (OS 8.5 or higher) and Windows 98/2000 PC computers. 

MicroTech ZiO! USB Card Reader

Each ZiO! card reader is packaged with a one-meter USB extension cable so it can be used easily with PCs with rear-mounted USB ports. 

MicroTech ZiO! USB Card Reader

The CompactFlash ZiO! handles any size Type I or II solid state card as well as the IBM Microdrives.

The SmartMedia ZiO! handles 3.3v SmartMedia cards up to 128MB.

The MultiMediaCard ZiO! handles both MMC and SecureDigital cards.

The Memory Stick ZiO! handles Sony/Lexar Memory Sticks up to 128MB. 

MicroTech ZiO! USB Card Reader

Installation is as simple as plugging it into your USB port. The computer "sees" the ZiO! and asks for the driver (supplied on CD disc), once loaded your files are available as a removeable drive resource. You can drag-n-drop using any file manager or graphic program. Data transfers are very fast with the USB interface and it saves your precious camera battery power by reading the cards out of the camera.

At $29.95 the ZiO! is far less expensive than the PCMCIA adapter for SmartMedia or Memory Stick cards, it goes anywhere thanks to its small size and light weight (one ounce). It can be used on multiple computers and is a very useful device for digital camera owners.

Also included on the software CD is Ixla's Digital Camera Suite SE for Windows users and Voyager's PhotoFolio 2.0 for Mac users. And QBEO's Photo-Genetics for Windows and Mac users. 

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