Minolta CD-10 External SCSI PC Card Read/Write Drive

For Macintosh users (except iMac) the only type of card reader they can use is one that operates on the SCSI port. These are usually much more expensive than the parallel port readers for the PC and range from $200-300.One exception to that rule is if you can find one of the Minolta CD-10 SCSI card readers that are currently being liquidated by many different vendors. I got mine from Norman's Camera for $119 and have seen it listed at BuyComp and CMPExpress but it is often out of stock. I have it plugged into my Windows PC using an Adaptec AHA-1510 SCSI controller I had for an old tape drive. This is the same unit as the MicroTech DPA-P external SCSI reader but it sells for less because Minolta is clearing them out. Minolta had bought them to sell as an accessory with their RD-175 ActionCam but never really sold

MicroTech DPAI Internal SCSI PC Card Read/Write Drive

The MicroTech International DPAI (Digital Photo Album Internal) is an internal, two-slot SCSI card reader and it is very fast! It comes in a PC or Macintosh package depending on your computer type. I have a Pentium II machine with a builtin Adaptec SCSI controller and no free IRQs left so using my old ISA-bus PCMCIA card reader was out of the question. The MicroTech card reader installed right out of the box without changing any jumpers at all. It is set for SCSI ID 5 for the first slot and SCSI ID 6 for the second slot. Slot 1 is a full-height Type II/III slot capable of taking any kind of PC card including hard drives. Slot 2 is a half-height slot only. After Win95 boots you will now have two removeable hard drives listed under My Computer and these will be assigned the next two available drive letters. Unlike