Camera Connect ProTM External PC Card Read/Write Drive

The ActionTec Camera Connect ProTM is an external parallel port PC card read/write drive that accomodates ALL the popular flash memory cards currently in use today. With its three front-loading slots it handles CompactFlashTM and SmartMediaTM without adapters or any PCMCIA Type II ATA flash cards. As you can see this device is only slightly larger than the average mouse and takes up very little desktop real estate. Installation is a breeze as it is a parallel port device that connects to your PC's printer port and gets its power from your keyboard port. This means you do not have to open the PC nor do you have to fool with software or hardware settings for I/O port addresses or IRQ assignments. Hardware InstallationThe parallel port connection is "sanitary" as your printer cable is plugged in almost exactly where it was to begin with instead of at the end of a cable or on the back

CardMate PCF-100 User Review

 This is the Memorex PCF-100 CardMate flash memory card reader.  The CardMate directly reads CompactFlash (CF) Type I cards with a dedicated slot.   It also has an upper slot that accomodates PCMCIA Type I, II and III cards.The CardMate is designed for PCs running Windows 95, 98 or NT and works through the parallel printer port.  The CardMate allows for pass-through operation so you plug your printer into its DB25 parallel port and plug the card reader directly into the PC. The best data transfer rate is achieved when the parallel port is set to the EPP (enhanced parallel port) mode.I've seen a lot of these parallel port type of card readers that interfered with bidirectional (smart) printers but I'm happy to report that so far I have not seen the CardMate mess with my Epson Photo printer. Even when they do, you can just leave the card reader unplugged until