Unity Digital MDCF-FW FireWire CF/CF2 Card Read/Write Drive

The Unity Digital MDCF-FW FireWire is a CompactFlash card reader for both Type I and II flash memory cards. It is an IEEE1394 (FireWire) read/write device for FireWire-enabled Win98/2000 PC or Macintosh (OS 8.5.1 or higher) users that want the fastest data transfer rates possible. These are the industry's first FireWire-based flash card readers.The $149 MDCF-FW is only slightly larger than a computer mouse and requires only the FireWire connection for operation. Data transfer rates for IEEE1394 are 100, 200 and 400 Mbps. It is also available in a model for SmartMedia cards. Installation was simple on my AMD Athlon 700 PC running Windows 98SE with an inexpensive ($55) 3-port TI chipset-based FireWire PCI card.   I plugged in the MDCF-FW, Windows "saw" the new device and prompted me for the Windows 98 source disc, I pointed it to my hard drive install directory and it loaded or checked something. A few seconds