Rechargeable Battery & Charger Prices

The first thing a new digicam owner quickly realizes is that those AA alkaline batteries included with their camera are next to worthless. I've gotten many emails from folks who wondered if their cameras were defective because they only got 20 or so shots before the batteries crapped out. Today's digital cameras are extremely high-drain devices. The batteries must power a color LCD, a motorized zoom lens, an autofocus system, the multi-megapixel imager and the associated processing hardware. The answer is simple ... use high power NiMH rechargeable batteries. Over the last couple of years we've seen higher capacity NiMH batteries hit the market, especially in the popular AA size which is what most of the digicams use. The first cells were only 800-900mAh capacity but now we have a wide choice of cells ranging from 1500 to 2700mAh. As expected, the higher the capacity - the longer the run time. Got some old rechargeable batteries? Instead of tossing them in the garbage, go to this web page and find out where to recycle them in your area!