Sima SPM13 Rapid Lithium Battery Charger

For Sony DKC-ID1 and Mavica Still Cameras
and many popular 8mm, Hi8 and MiniDV Camcorders

Sima SPM13 charger

This is the $49 Sima SPM13 "smart" charger, it can rapid charge your 3.6v and 7.2v Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, RCA, Sanyo, Sharp and Sony Lithium Ion (Li ion) batteries with the precision that only today's microprocessor technology can provide.

Charging is controlled using peak voltage to guarantee full charging of battery packs. Abnormal battery detection is also provided to identify "bad" battery packs and the user is alerted by six rapid beeps of the charger. 

Sima SPM13 charger

Here's a closeup of the LEDs on the SPM13 charger. When you insert the battery it will beep and the appropriate voltage (3.6 or 7.2) light will come on to let you know it is charging. During charging the green "Charge" light comes on and when it is fully charged the red "Full" LED will illuminate and the unit will beep again.

Charge time is completely dependant on the capacity of the battery pack and how far down it has been discharged. When used with the Sony NP-F550 battery for my DKC-ID1 (and most Mavica cameras) it charged in about half the time it normally took with the supplied Sony BC-V100 charger.

There is a "booster" button on the back of the unit that is sometimes used with brand new battery packs that look like a defective pack to the SPM13 charger. This can also be necessary for battery packs that have been sitting uncharged for extended periods of time. The booster is a 30-second charge at higher than normal charge levels. 

Sima SPM13 charger

110VAC or 12VDC Operation

You can use the Sima SPM13 at home with the 110VAC adapter or in your car or boat or anyplace that has a cigarette lighter plug with the included 12V power cord.

An adapter tray is included to handle certain types of battery packs, the Sony NP-Fnnn series slip right onto the main charger base as shown above.

Steve's Conclusion

We all hate to waste time and that's one thing this charger definitely doesn't do. It will charge up your Lithium Ion batteries as fast as possible. It costs about the same as the Sony BC-V615 charger at $49 but it also works in the car or boat on 12v. If you buy it at the same time as a lithium battery pack it's only $39!

This battery charger is a real winner!