Lenmar Mach1 Speed Charger

Mach1 Speed Charger 

The Lenmar Mach1 Speed Charger was designed to safely rapid charge the 7.2-7.4V lithium rechargeable batteries used in many camcorders and digital cameras. The chargers supplied by the manufacturers for these cameras take anywhere from two to four hours to charge the supplied low-capacity battery packs. The Mach1 Speed Charger can fully charge the same battery packs in 30 to 50 minutes, the higher capacity "long duration" packs can be charged in 50 to 110 minutes.

Besides being able to recharge your battery packs in half (or less) the time of your current charger, the Mach1 Speed Charger is supplied with both a 100-240V AC power transformer and a 12V DC car power cord. Charge your batteries at home or on the go !

For those people that have both a camcorder and a still digital camera that uses a lithium battery packs, you can charge them both with the same charger. See below for the compatibility chart for the types of batteries that can be charged with the supplied or optional adapter plates. The Mach1 Speed Charger is fully guaranteed for three years, if defective it will be replaced for free. 

Mach1 Speed Charger

Here's what comes in the box; the Mach1 Speed Charger, AC power transformer, 12V DC car power cord, and four battery adapter plates. These adapter plates slide on and off the charger as needed, quite a handy design. 

Mach1 Speed Charger 

The Mach1 Speed Charger's patented NeoThermâ„¢ Active Pulse Speedcharging Technology continuously monitors, conditions and maintains the quality of the battery. It can extend the life of your battery up to 5 times longer than traditional chargers. The Mach1 charges batteries up to 3 times faster than conventional chargers and charges batteries from any level to full capacity while preventing overcharging or overheating and can also detect faulty batteries automatically. 

Actual Tested Charge Times Achieved
Battery CapacityApprox. Charge Time
850 mAh30 Minutes
1200 mAh39 Minutes
1500 mAh47 Minutes
2400 mAh80 Minutes
3600 mAh110 Minutes

Mach1 Speed Charger 

Here's the Mach1 rapid charging the Canon BP-511 pack that is used in the PowerShot G1, G2, Pro 90IS and D30 still cameras and many of Canon's video camcorders. The supplied Canon battery charger (CA-PS400) charges the BP-511 quite fast but it is strictly an AC powered charger, the Mach1 is AC/DC powered.

Going for an all-day shoot or an extended vacation?   Then take the Mach1 with you and use it in the hotel or in the car on the way to the beach, resort, or fun park. In less time than it takes to go from the hotel to Disney World you can fully recharge your battery. Because the AC adapter works from 100-240 volts, it can be used overseas as well as here in the U.S.A. 

Mach1 Speed Charger 

The Mach 1 can be used to charge Panasonic, RCA, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, JVC, and Hitachi camcorder and digital camera LiIon batteries. The Mach1 comes complete with four adapter plates, the compatible batteries are listed below in green. The other plates can be ordered as desired.

 AdapterOEM Battery ModelLenmar Battery Model
CANONPLC406BP-406 / BP-412 / BP-422LIC406 / LIC412 / LIC422
PLC511BP-511 / BP-512 / BP-522 / BP-535LIC511 / LIC522
PLC608BP-608 / BP-617LIC608 / LIC617
PLC911BP-911 / 914 / 915 / 924 / 927 / 930 / 941 / 945LIC911 / 924 / 941
HITACHIPLP120DZ-BP16 / DZ-BP28LIP120 / LIP220 / LIP320
PLS550VM-BPL13A / 27ALIH13 / LIH27
JVCPLJ207BN-V207 / BN-V214LIJ207 / LIJ214
PLJ408BN-V408 / BN-V416 / BN-V428LIJ408 / LIJ416 / LIJ428
PLJ507BN-V507 / BN-V514LIJ507 / LIJ514
PLJ607BN-V607U / BN-V615ULIJ607 / 615
PLS550BN-V812U / BN-V814ULIH13 / LIH27
PLP120CGR-D120 / 220, PV-BP8LIP120 / LIP220 / LIP320
PLP610CGR-V610 / CGR620LIP610 / LIP620
RCAPLS550BB-55L / BB-65L / BB-85LLIH13 / LIH27
SAMSUNGPLSG160SB-L160 / SB-L320 / SB-L480LISG160 / LISG320 / LISG480
SONYPLS100NP-F100 / 200 / 300LIS100 / 200 / 300
PLS550NP-F330 / 530 / 550 / 730 / 730H / 750 / 930 / 950 / 960, NP-FM50 / 70 / 90 / 91LIS330 / LIS550 / LIS550H / LIS730H /  LIS750 / LIS750H /  LIS950 / LIS950H / LISM50 / LISM70 / LISM90

Note: May also fit additional makes and models. Additional adapter plates to charge newer models available in the future.

Steve's Conclusion

I personally own a Canon D30 and the Mach1 is great for those times when you need to charge a battery on the go in the car. You can't do that with the Canon charger without using a DC transverter. Besides the AC/DC power supply, it charges the battery in about half the time of the Canon charger and it should extend the service life of any lithium rechargeable due to the charging technology that it uses.

You can't ask for a more versatile charger, it comes out of the box ready to work with numerous, popular battery packs - the Sony Mavicas and many of the Cyber-shots that use the "M" series InfoLITHIUM packs and the Canon G1, G2, Pro 90IS and D30 cameras too. Lenmar has an adapter plate that will work with the Nikon EN-EL1 battery and that covers the Coolpix 775, 880, 885, 995, 5000 cameras. And of course it works with numerous Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, RCA and Sony video camcorders and more.

It's smart and fast and reasonably priced, see the link below to buy it from our good friends at Thomas-Distributing. A 3-year replacement warranty insures years of quality operation. If you need it, go for it, you won't be sorry.