Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger for NiMH AA/AAA Batteries

(June 2006 note: This charger should not be used with newer NiMH batteries with capacities beyond 2300mAh - there have been problems reported with it not being able to fully charge them.)

This is the Lenmar Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger. It rapid charges NiMH type AA / AAA batteries with the precision that only microprocessor technology can provide. Designed with four separate charging circuits to handle one, two, three or four AA or AAA batteries independently of each other. It can only be used with NiMH type batteries.

The Mach1 Gamma is a "Smart" charger because it uses Lenmar's patented NeoTherm microprocessor technology to monitor each cell being recharged to make sure that it is charged to its maximum capacity. Each cell is analyzed before recharging starts. If a bad cell is detected the user is alerted by a blinking LED and that cell is not charged to protect its charger circuit from damage. If the cell's voltage is below the safe limit the LED will not light at all.

During charging, the cell's voltage is constantly monitored. Using cool pulse-type charging technology each cell is fully and quickly recharged without overheating. Once it is fully replenished the charging current is reduced to prevent over-charging and to maintain the optimal capacity. An automatic "refresh" cycle will revive old and weak cells to enhance the battery life significantly.

Operation of the charger is very easy. Place one, two, three or four AA or AAA cells in the charger and then plug in either the AC power adapter or the 12 VDC car cord. There are no switches to set or buttons to push, the operation is completely automatic.

When the fast charge cycle is complete the LED will go out. The charger now goes into trickle mode and uses a very low current charge to fully charge the cells. Batteries should not be left on the charger for more than three hours after the rapid charge cycle is completed.

The rapid charging time is totally dependant on the capacity of the cell being charged. Refer to the following approximate charging times - the initial charge time of brand new batteries is always longer.

    700mAh AAA -- 30 minutes
    1600mAh AA -- 55 minutes
    1800mAh AA -- 60 minutes
    2000mAh AA -- 65 minutes
    2300mAh AA -- 90 minutes **
**Lenmar has just recently announced their new high-capacity 2300mAh NiMH cells

You can use the Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger at home or while travelling with the included international AC power adapter (100 - 240 volt AC) or in your car or boat or anyplace that has a 12V cigarette lighter plug with the included 12V power cord. Lenmar provides a three-year manufacturer's warranty on the Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger.

Steve's Conclusion

The Lenmar Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger is the fastest and coolest (literally) NiMH type charger that we have used to date. With the combination of its NeoTherm pulse charging technology and a built-in cooling fan your batteries are safely charged as fast as possible and yet remain completely cool to the touch. I have shelfed all the other chargers in favor of the ones with separate charging circuits for each individual cell. With these types of chargers you are assured that each battery gets properly and completely charged. Chargers that work only with pairs of cells will terminate the charging cycle when either one of the two cells being charged hits its peak level and this often means that one of them does not get a full charge.

Not only is this an extremely fast and cool charger, it is also extremely affordable, see the link below to purchase the Mach1 Gamma Speed Charger -and- four high-capacity 2000mAh LenMar NoMem NiMH cells for just $38.97 from our good friends at Thomas Distributing.

The only negative thing I can say about this charger is that Lenmar recommends that you don't leave the batteries on the charger more than 3-4 hours after the fast charge is completed. I like to leave a set of NiMH batteries on "hot standby" in a charger that has a safe trickle charge mode like the Maha C-401FS Cool charger

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