PowerGenix NiZn Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

Looking for a more "Eco-Friendly" power source instead of all those alkaline AA batteries you've been going through, then tossing in the trash. How about one that offers better performance, has higher energy density, no "charge memory", and faster recharging times than NiMH  and NiCd rechargeable cells? Would you like one that's less expensive and non-toxic; aka "Green" with no lead, cadmium or mercury? If you answered yes to any of these questions you'll want to have a look at the offerings from PowerGenix (also referred to as PG in this article). Their unique NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) batteries offer better voltage output when compared to NiMH rechargeable cells at about 1.6 volts (NiMH average around 1.2V). This means NiZn cells can deliver more than 0.4V of additional voltage (about 30% more than NiMH), whether at open circuit or under load.  PG also claims other benefits over your typical NiCd and NiMH

Rechargeable Battery & Charger Prices

The first thing a new digicam owner quickly realizes is that those AA alkaline batteries included with their camera are next to worthless. I've gotten many emails from folks who wondered if their cameras were defective because they only got 20 or so shots before the batteries crapped out. Today's digital cameras are extremely high-drain devices. The batteries must power a color LCD, a motorized zoom lens, an autofocus system, the multi-megapixel imager and the associated processing hardware. The answer is simple ... use high power NiMH rechargeable batteries. Over the last couple of years we've seen higher capacity NiMH batteries hit the market, especially in the popular AA size which is what most of the digicams use. The first cells were only 800-900mAh capacity but now we have a wide choice of cells ranging from 1500 to 2700mAh. As expected, the higher the capacity - the longer the

FC-501 4+1 NiMH / NiCd Charger

This is the iPowerUS FC-501 5-Channel Fast Smart Charger. It rapid charges NiMH or NiCd type AA / AAA / 9V batteries with the precision that only microprocessor technology can provide. Designed with five separate charging circuits to handle one, two, three or four AA or AAA batteries independently of each other. It can also charge one 9V type rechargeable cell.The FC-501 is called "Smart" because it uses a microprocessor to monitor each cell being recharged to make sure that it is charged to its maximum capacity. Each cell is analyzed before recharging starts. If a bad cell is detected the user is alerted by a blinking LED and that cell is not charged to protect its charger circuit from damage. During charging, the cell's voltage is constantly monitored. Using Negative DeltaV Cool Charging Technology each cell is fully and quickly recharged without overheating. Once it is fully replenished the charging current