Digital Camera Accessories

Graslon Prodigy Flash Diffuser

Graslon's new Prodigy flash diffuser adds a new level to portable diffusers for external flash units. Its intricate design gives you a much larger light source before it even starts to diffuse it. This gives you an unparalleled softness that you will not get from other diffusers. This one size fits all unit will work with any external flash and is quick and easy to adjust. Physical Views and Features:The unique inside of the Graslon flash diffuser allows it to recreate the source of the light as a much larger 5"x8" light source instead of the much smaller area of the compact external flash that you are using. The larger source, providing the same amount of power, gives you a much softer light, reducing and softening shadows. Its mirror-like finish on the inside and the plastic diffuser in the center spread light to the entire inside of the unit before exiting. The center... [read more]

Smith-Victor ImageMaker Plus Lighting Kit Review

Smith-Victor is known well among the photographic community for producing quality lighting, tripods, and other accessories for photographers and videographers alike. While most of their gear is aimed at professionals in these industries, who demand quality products, with their newer ImageMaker Plus Light Tent Kit, SV has produced a light box all-in-one solution that's perfect for the average individual who can't afford to spend hundreds or thousands on a lighting setup.The ImageMaker Plus kit was designed to allow you to capture high-quality product shots of various small to mid-sized items; which they claim will all you to "increase your internet sales". This is actually quite true, and many eBayers and the like will agree; the better the quality of your product photos; the better the chance you have of quickly moving your items. The average eBayer doesn't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a light box and lights to... [read more]

Spyder4Pro: Display Calibration Device

After two years, Datacolor has upgraded their powerful, and popular, Spyder3 Display Calibrations device. The all new Spyder4 offers various upgrades and updates when compared side by side with the Spyder3, which include: Improved accuracy compared to Spyder3Average of 26% improved accuracy for monitors tested Monitor Quality Analyzer (Pro and Elite models)Advanced calibration accuracy testMonitor quality ratingDisplay gamut graphingGamma and White Point testSupport for CRT displays (X-Rite product no longer supports CRT displays)Supports RGB balancing adjustments Advanced MQA (Elite only)Uniformity luminance and color graphingAdvanced multiple display tuning New SpyderGallery app for iPad /iPhone (free on the App Store)The only calibration solution for the iPad & iPhone on the market todayAvailable on all Spyder models SpyderTune (Elite only)The ultimate tool for  fine tuning your displaysDisplaying proper color and brightness (aka gamma) is extremely important, whether you're an amateur or professional who deals with photos, video or graphics. With a plethora of... [read more]