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Last updated August 31, 2008

First, we would like to welcome you to our site and answer the second most frequently asked question, yes there really is a Steve. He has over 35 years experience in photography and this website is his way of sharing his love of photography with others, by providing reviews of digital cameras. Our reviews are written in plain speak and introduce our readers to the world of digital photography in an effort to inspire the inner photographer in each person.

Our staff prepares our content at a fever pitch so that our site can be your best resource for anything about digital cameras.

Our Staff

  • Steve Sanders, Founder
  • Dannee Saylor, Editor
  • Mike Flacy, Content Manager
  • Will Chambers, Assistant Editor and Writer
  • Josh Fate, Writer
  • Bob Young, Writer
  • Tiffany Chambers, Content Assistant
  • Teresa Boudreau, Assistant to Editor

Steve's Digicams was created in early 1997 in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and since then we have often considered making major site changes to make it "flashier" -- we have opted not to do this in an effort to keep our site accessible to everyone. It's nice to visit sites with tons of fancy graphics and lots of WOW factor, but many times those sites do not load properly our pages load as quickly as possible and, for the most part, you can find what you are looking for within 2 clicks. We know many people bookmark pages on our site, so for that reason we do not remove any content we have previously posted.

The most popular question in our mailbox asks what camera a visitor should purchase. We feel that choosing a camera is a personal choice, with many factors to consider. We prefer to provide comprehensive reviews and then let the consumer decide which camera best fits their needs. We do however provide a page called The Best Cameras which is kept updated with those cameras that we feel offer the consumer with the "best bang for the buck" in several popular categories.

Our Discussion Forums (message board) section provides an opportunity for our visitors to interact with other digital photographers. Join our Forums or just visit as a Guest - we can assure you there will be many lively discussions going on about whatever topic interests you. At the time we published this update to our About Us page we had 101,193 registered forum members, about twice as many Guests, 144,537 topics, and 907,189 posts.

Which brings us to another frequently asked question -- where to buy a camera. We have joined forces with a comparison shopping site, Within each of our reviews is a shopping box for each the US and the UK and we display real time the price and the top 8 - 10 stores offering the product. By using the link we provide, you are not only helping to support Steve's Digicams but you are also able to shop the price of a camera or accessory at 50 different stores with a single mouse click! Our Compare and Buy link gives our readers the opportunity to sort through the current cameras on the market by various search features. The resulting list has links to the current pricing and availability.

Seasonally we have pages posted on our Main Menu for trade show coverage (CES,PMA, and Photokina) and for our Holiday Wish List. The Holiday Wish List is generally posted sometime in October through the end of December and gives our readers a look at the digital cameras and accessories available at various price points.

So, having said all of this, once again thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in finding out more about us. Feel free to email our Editor ..Dannee.. Please do not ask her to choose a camera for you!

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Here's what some of our readers have told us:

I am 72 years old and have been involved in photography as an amateur since I was first introduced to the dark room at eight years old. Since my retirement Digital photography has opened up a complete new learning experience, if for no other reason than the ability to learn from immediately reviewed mistakes without the hassle of film. Your website has been a marvelous part of that learning experience and very helpful to the acquisition of a lot of digital photo equipment from your analysis.

My name is Andy Burns...I'm a radio personality here on Long Island. I found your website when trying to find out more about the new Sony F828. Using your site, and your site alone...I was able to go to the store, and basically teach the SALESMAN about it. I knew more about the damn thing than the folks at Sony. I wanted to thank you for helping me with my purchase...I did purchase it! I am looking for a nice decent photo printer now too, as my Lexmark X83 is nothing short of crap for photos. I will be using your reviews again, and I have directed many people to your site. Thanks again for providing unbiased REAL reviews! AWESOME! Truly awesome!!

I have been taking photos for 35 years, but am new to digital photography.

Please allow me to express my appreciation to you for your extraordinary site. It has been a great resource for me and I sincerely thank you for all of your work. Your site reflects a desire for perfection and testifies to many, many hours of work. I marvel at its quality level!

Just found your site and what a pleasure to find so much info in one place. Extremely well presented, fast and easy to use complete with the personal touch. I shall be passing this site on to others.

Many thanks

I've visited your website every day for ages, generally to check the DPOTD (Digital Photo of the Day), and also to gather info when getting ready to purchase a digital camera - I've had four. Thank you so much for all your work, you've been invaluable to me when I've been in the process of decision-making before a purchase. It's also interesting just to read the specifics on all the digital cameras there are out there.

The DPOT is such a great site; I love seeing all the beautiful examples of people's creativity, I find it an inspiration to me in my own efforts to improve my “vision”. I just purchased a Nikon Coolpix 3100 because I decided that I wanted to have a camera with me ALL the time, having missed so many fantastic photo opps because my other digital is just a little too big and bulky to carry on a daily basis. (Minolta Dimage 7) Isn't it wonderful to have digital cameras that one can stick in a purse or pocket and take anywhere?

I hope your site will be around forever, I'd miss it so much if it ever went away!

I tried the HP 7550 - hated it. I returned it and got the Canon i950. It is Wonderful, easy to use, very fast!!! Everything you said it was. I printed a photo as a test and it turned out Perfect! What I saw on the screen was exactly what I got, using Canon's program for quick photo printing that came with the printer. I knew from your review that Canon was the best for photos, well it's a great printer for text printing also.

Thanks to your review I am a really happy camper.

Thanks so much for creating what I find to be the best advice and information for anyone looking to buy a digital camera. A couple of years ago I used your site to research the type of camera I wanted and ended up buying the Sony DSC-30. I had relatively no complaints about its performance besides the ones you had listed in your review column and that make and model.

I've since used your site again last week to research yet another camera and found that the Sony DSC-P92 would suit my needs. Again, you explained everything I needed to know about the camera. I went out that day and bought the DSC-P92. So far I'm really enjoying it and look forward to taking it with us on our trip to Disney World this weekend.

One thing I have noticed about your site, is that I actually find more useful information and details on the cameras than what comes in the user's manual! There are things that are well explained on your website that aren't even listed in my user's manual.

Keep up the excellent work and I will definitely pass along your site to anyone wishing to buy a digital camera with confidence.

Received my Nikon D100 yesterday. First time buyer, but if this is an example of their (RitzCamera) service, long time customer! I knew I could trust what you guys say.

The D100 is, so far an awesome machine!! Of course will have to take it a few more miles to feel right at home, but the learning curve is quite natural with this camera. It's mind blowing to think that not quite two years ago I won your POD for September with an Oly C2500. I thought it was the best thing to come along since they invented the glass plate. Now, for a few hundred $ more, the Nikon D100. My wife has my Oly, and the Casio I won, I'll keep my 'old' Oly E-10 as a back-up, and I'd better slow down on the digicam budget if want to retire from my day job like I plan to shortly.

Thanks for your site, and I plan to be your 100 millionth visitor, in a short time.

I've been reading your sight for a long time. Because of what I've learned at Steves-Digicams, I've purchased two cameras, a printer, memory and lots of accessories and I've made these purchases with confidence. It's great that you cross promote other sites but I always come back to your site first. You're a good habit for those who have the digicam addiction.

Keep up the great work.

I just wanted to say thanks for your very informative digital camera reviews. I have checked other review sites but yours is the best and provided the most detail information available. Your reviews finalize the decision making process for me and I have decided on the Canon G2 as my first digital camera. Yes at last!!!

Just wanted to let you know that your site was a great resource in my hunt for a new digicam. I visited again and again to compare and evaluate several digicams. It's filled with tons of useful information. Thanks again...

I just had to tell you how I feel. Your site is simply amazing. I happened past the link when searching on HotBot, and I have no need to look anywhere else for digital camera reviews and information. I am simply awestruck at the amount of information that is available at your site. I don't even think most brick and mortar camera shops could even come close to having this comprehensive library of knowledge. I especially like the sample pictures and second opinions that are available for each camera. I am going to recommend your site to everyone with camera questions!

I must compliment you on your phenomenal web-site! I have never seen such in-depth coverage on digital cameras, perhaps more than any one person could digest. This truly must be a labor of love. I have learned more perusing your material than any other source on the web. Research and comparison work has been greatly simplified in selecting a camera, thanks to you. Keep up the excellent work, it is most appreciated

Just thought I would let you know what a great site you have. I used your site to get the info I needed to make an intelligent decision on my camera purchase. I also like the links to vendors and accessories. Keep up the good work, and I will be buying from your advertisers.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great website. After months of research (mostly on your website) I finally bought my first digital camera, a Nikon 990. Based on your recommendations I also went with the Maha "Mother of all Chargers" and Maha batteries and lastly an additional Lexar USB-enabled CF card. I didn't know a thing about digital cameras before finding your website. It really helped me make an informed decision. Thanks again.

I wanted to take just a few minutes of your time to say THANK YOU for your web site. I have many years of photography experience but little computer and no digital image. I was intrigued with digital photography and what it had to offer, but had no idea of where to start to look or what to look for. It was your web site and your in-depth digital camera reviews which helped steer me in the right choice.

Your reviews are invaluable to a prospective digital camera buyer and particularly well-done. Although I don't buy a digital camera very often, I've bookmarked your website for future reference to share with friends and family.

First let me say how impressed I've been with your site.. .I've only recently entered the market for a digital camera, and as you're obviously aware it's somewhat overwhelming!! Your site has helped by having a vast amount of information in a single site... Thank you!!

You are doing a great job, by reading your reviews, you not only saved me $2700.00, but I found the right camera for me, which does the same things.....almost, but close enough:)...Thanks

I just purchased a digital camera based upon your wonderful evaluations. I was amazed at the quality of the reviews. Before finding your site, I went to or called 4 camera shops and was overwhelmed with contrary advice. At the leading camera shop in town, the clerks got into an argument over which camera they preferred!

I purchased a Sony DSC-S70, spare battery and 64 meg card. Should I be thanking Sony for sending the camera to you to review or someone else?

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for all of the info on your site. Because of your reviews, I ended up purchasing a Olympus C3030 to replace a Kodak DC240. Also, I ended up with the Maha 204 charger and Maha 1550 AmH batteries... also based on your review.

I have monitored your site for over 2 years. I just bought my 3rd digicam from one of your advertisers, and in filling out the evaluation of the transaction for Biz Rate I sincerely expressed the following:

Good communication and response to inquiries. They seem to place customer service high on their priority list. For my needs, they are advertising on the right web sites, such as Steve's digicam, which is highly trusted by the community it serves. It was this trust which persuaded me to buy a high ticket item and patiently sit on a waiting list for over a month to trade with SS, instead of a less trusted dealer offering the same deal with no wait.

Just a note to say THANKS for your site. I'm shopping for a digital camera and it was all so confusing until I found your site. You do us all a great service! I've been reading your review about the Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom, and all I have to ask you is::::::::WHERE can I buy it???   Thanks again for a GREAT SITE!!!

Steve, just wanted to drop a line and commend you on what I consider one of the finest web sites on the big WWW. I think the page layout and information you give your readers is absolutely top-notch, and with the huge onslaught of DCAMS, I am definitely using your evaluations to make a decision, on which one to purchase.

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