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Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

Features & Controls

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

The SP-510 features a 10x optical Olympus zoom lens with a 38mm-380mm (35mm equivalent) focal length and a maximum aperture of f2.8-f/3.7. The bright, high quality optical system is comprised of eleven elements arranged in seven groups and includes two aspherical lenses, plus an extra-dispersion (ED) glass element typically found in pro-level SLR cameras.

Equipped with a low-light AF-assist lamp, the contrast detection autofocus system has user-selectable iESP auto, Spot AF, Selective AF target modes and a working range of:

  • Normal: Wide 2.8” – infinity (7cm – infinity), Telephoto 47.2” – infinity (1.2m – infinity)
  • Macro mode: Wide 2.8” – infinity (7cm – infinity), Telephoto 47.2” – infinity (1.2m – infinity)
  • Super Macro Mode: 1.18" - infinity (3cm - infinity)

The optional CLA-4 Lens Adapter Tube allows for the use of 55mm filters and enables the attachment of add-on wide angle or telephoto conversion lenses. Compatible accessory lenses include the WCON-07 wide angle lens and the TCON-17 telephoto conversion lens, which extends the camera’s magnification capability to a 17x optical zoom.

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

The manual popup speedlight has modes for Auto (for low light and back lit conditions), Red- eye Reduction, Fill-in, Fill-in + red eye, Slow Sync, and Off. The working flash range is 14.8 ft. (4.5m) Wide, 11.2 ft. (3.4m) Telephoto.

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

The SP-510 employs a color electronic viewfinder (EVF) as the eyelevel viewfinder, it has no dioptric adjustment. The EVF can display the same data as the large LCD, with the exception of the Main menu (shown on the LCD only.) Simply press the MONITOR button to toggle the active display.

The high resolution 2.5-inch color LCD has 115,000 pixels and can be used for preview, review and accessing the camera's menu system. The LCD or EVF can display a realtime histogram when desired.

Controls on the back: Flash popup button next to the EVF. The MONITOR button toggles the display between EVF and LCD. The DISP/GUIDE button toggles the overlay information on the EVF/LCD image and enables the histogram. When viewing menu screens, select a menu item and press the DISP/GUIDE button to display an explanation of its function. The Menu button calls up and dismisses the main menu options. Next is the Selftimer button, which also serves as the image delete button in playback mode. The 4-way controller is for navigating menus, changing settings and selecting playback images. The OK/FUNCtion button accepts menu selections and calls up the menu. This button also calls up and dismisses the FUNCtion shortcut menu. Pressing the 4-way controller "Up" toggles exposure compensation, "Right" selects the flash mode, "Down" enters Quick View mode, and "Left" enables Macro or Super Macro focus. The small LED near the bottom blinks when the memory card is being accessed.

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

Top controls: The shutter release/zoom lens control (functions as the index and zoomed playback in review mode.) The Power on/off button. The Custom button can be used for various functions, DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) control is the default mode. In playback it is the Print button. The Mode Dial with positions for: AUTO, Program AE, Aperture/Shutter priority AE, Manual, MyMODE, Guide, Scene, Movie and Playback.

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

On the side is a single I/O port which handles both the A/V output, video is NTSC or PAL, audio is monaural and the USB 2.0 (full speed, not high speed) data. The SP-510 is Pictbridge compatible and may be connected directly to any Pictbridge enabled photo printer without the need of a computer.

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

The SP-510 stores its data on 21MB of built-in memory or on optional xD-Picture Cards. xD cards are currently available up to 1GB in capacity. Olympus brand xD cards are required if using the camera's built-in Panorama function.

Approx. Still Image Capacity

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

Approx. Movie Capacity

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

Olympus SP-510 UltraZoom

The SP-510 is powered by four standard AA batteries, alkaline or NiMH type rechargeables. Olympus claims you can capture up to 630 shots from standard alkaline batteries. Both Olympus and myself recommend the use of high-capacity NiMH batteries, they last much longer and they'll save you a lot of money.

Check out our Rechargeable Battery Page for info and prices on various brands of NiMH AA cells and chargers.

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