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Kodak EasyShare 5500

Review posted 9/17/2007

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

The Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One does just about everything you might desire from an AiO (All in One) printer. The 5500 allows you to print, copy, scan, and fax all from one device.This printer is fast, cranking out a 4 x 6 color print in as little as 28 seconds. The EasyShare 5500 features a high-resolution 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) color LCD and provides one-click photo printing from most types of memory cards.The 5500 AiO uses a 2-cartridge, 6-ink system and features duplex printing and a 35-page document feeder to make copying, scanning, and faxing more automated.

Kodak wants you to know that making your own color prints at home doesn't need to be expensive. With that in mind, Kodak has developed a revolutionary inkjet system that gives crisp, sharp black documents and brilliant color photos at a lower cost.The MSRP on the EasyShare 5500 is $299 but the real cost savings with this printer are in the ink cartridges. With a list price of $9.99 for the black cartridge and only $14.99 for the color these are some of the cheapest OEM ink prices out there. In fact Kodak believes you can save up to 50% on everything you print compared to similar inkjet printers.

Kodak really shows their 100+ years of experience with photographic print technology. The 5500 uses pigmented ink, instant-dry papers, and a high-speed printing system that generates beautiful prints. Your crisp black text documents and brilliant color photo prints come compliments of the high-density printhead. And Kodak believes the EasyShare's prints can last a lifetime under typical home display and dark storage conditions. Kodak photo science includes advanced color management for a wider color gamut and brilliant colors. It uses specialized algorithms in the printer and in the All-in-One printer software. All of this combines to give you Kodak lab-quality prints at home.

Of course Kodak has an enormous amount of support available and the EasyShare software makes connecting with the various Kodak products easier. The EasyShare software included on the Install CD makes it easier to print, organize, share and archive your digital photos. Order Kodak's famous prints or photo gift products and have them delivered to your door. Or share your albums with family and friends online. And you must have seen these in your local drug store - Kodak Picture Kiosks make prints, enlargements, photo cards while you wait.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 Features:

  • Photo printer, flatbed scanner, fax, color copier, and multi-format card reader

  • Convenient 2-cartridge, 6-ink system

  • One-click photo printing from most memory cards and USB drives

  • Easy duplex (two-sided) printing

  • Direct print from PictBridge enabled cameras

  • 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) high-resolution color LCD display

  • Print up to 32 ppm (page per minute) black and 30 ppm color

  • 4 6 in. (10 15 cm) borderless photos in as little as 28 seconds

  • High-density, 3,840-nozzle, high-performance printhead

  • High-definition CCD optical scanner

  • Bluetooth wireless technology enabled

  • USB 2.0 high speed I/O for printer and card reader drives

  • 35-page automatic document feeder

  • 100-sheet main tray, 20-sheet 4 6 in. (10 15 cm) photo tray

  • $9.99 black cartridge, $14.99 5-color cartridge

Control Panels

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

On the left of the 5500 you will find the main control panel. First you can see the Power button with a green LED power-on light. Next to that we see the Phonebook button (and 3 spaces for custom speed-dial selections) that, when in Fax mode, will display the list of stored phone numbers on the LCD. Continuing to the right there is an alpha-numeric Keypad. In the white-shaded area you'll find buttons for various functions: Fax (press to enter Fax mode, lit when in Fax mode), Copy (press to enter Copy mode, lit when Copy mode), Photo (press to display the Print menu and toggle between viewing photos and the Print menu), Rotate (rotates photo on the LCD display, clockwise, 90 degrees), Zoom (magnifies the photo to 1.5X, subsequent presses zoom in 0.5X increments to a maximum of 5X), Transfer (transfers photos from camera or inserted memory card or USB flash drive, lit when selected) and finally, Scan (press to enter Scan mode, lit when in Scan mode) .

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

On the right of the 5500 is the smaller of the two control panels. This one contains the Attention Light (on or flashing for an error or warning condition), Cancel/Back button (moves the menu back one screen or cancels the current print job, lit when Cancel or Setup in progress), Start button (starts a copy, scan, print, or fax operation and flashes when busy), the 4-way Navigation button (used to navigate up, down, left, and right in the menus) and the OK button (used for selection in conjunction with the 4-way controller).

Paper Source

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

There is just one paper tray but it designed to do double duty and has spaces for 8 1/2 x 11 paper and a smaller section made to hold smaller 4 x 6 photo paper. You can load many different types and sizes of paper in the Kodak EasyShare AiO, including letter paper, photo paper, transparencies, and envelopes. The 5500 automatically detects the size and type of paper you load in the input tray, and then adjusts to generate the highest quality output for that paper.

Scanning and Copying

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

Pressing Copy displays the copy menu, where you can set copy options and preview the scan. When copying from the Control Panel, you can choose from the following output options.

Same Size: The copy is the same size as the original. Cropping will occur if the original is larger than the paper size. The copy will contain white space if the original is smaller than the paper size. Same Size is the default copy setting.

Fit to Page: The image is copied and fit to the paper size loaded. There may be cropping on the sides or top/bottom depending on the difference in the aspect ratios of the image and the page size.

Scale Percent: The default copy scale is 100%, however you can scale copies from 10% to 500%. Scaling is anchored to the upper left corner of the original.

Photo Layouts: You can set the layout for making copies of photos on your Kodak EasyShare All-in-One.

With the Control Panel Scan menu, you can scan photos to a file, application, or memory card. Pressing Scan places the EasyShare AiO in Scan mode and displays the Scan menu on the screen. The source is scanned and saved based on the Kodak AiO software settings.

You can use your Kodak EasyShare AiO to send and receive faxes, including color faxes. You can set up speed dial numbers to send faxes quickly and easily to frequently used numbers. From the control panel, you can also set a number of fax options.

Printing from Memory Cards

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

The 5500 EasyShare can access the memory cards used in most digital cameras. You can insert the memory card into one of the card slots, or connect your camera directly through one of the two USB ports on the front panel, using a USB cable. The EasyShare can also read the contents of the memory card while it is still in the camera. If the AiO beeps three times when you plug a device into a Port, it means that device is not supported.

The EasyShare 5500 reads the following memory cards:

xD-Picture Card
Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro
Secure Digital Card/MultiMediaCard
Compact Flash type I and type II, including microdrives

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

The 2.4 in. color LCD screen displays photos, messages, instructions, and menu parameters. Menu navigation is accomplished with the 4-way Navigation buttons on the right side control panel. The LCD screen is hinged at the back edge and can be positioned from flat on the control panel surface to vertical. Instructions appear on the LCD for four seconds and then disappear, or disappear immediately after you start interacting with the screen. The instructions will return after fifteen seconds of inactivity.

DPOF & PictBridge Printing

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

The Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) is an industry-standard file format that can be created by some digital cameras. You tag photos for printing with your digital camera. When you select photos with your camera, the camera creates a DPOF file that identifies which photos have been tagged for printing. The EasyShare AiO can read the DPOF file from the memory card in a camera so you do not have to re-select the photos to print.

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

PictBridge is a Camera and Imaging Products Association format that enables direct printing between any PictBridge compliant digital cameras and any PictBridge compliant printer. Most digicam manufacturers have added PictBridge compatibility into their cameras since 2004.

Using PictBridge is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1)Connect your camera to the5500 AiO, you'll see the PictBridge logo appear on the LCD.
2) Load the photo tray with photo paper.
3 Use your camera to select and print photos.

Bluetooth Printing

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that enables wireless connectivity between electronic devices. This feature requires the optional Kodak USB Bluetooth Adapter that accepts JPEG/EXIF image file types from Bluetooth enabled devices.

Some Bluetooth capable devices

Mobile camera phones
Digital still cameras

Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One

The duplex adapter (Kodak EasyShare 5000 Series Two-Sided Printing Accessory) enables printing on both sides of the paper. The duplexer is automatically detected by the printer and the EasyShare software. The duplexer is limited to plain paper (no photo paper). The paper dimensions that can be used are from 6.9 to 8.5 inches (17.5 to 21.6 cm) wide and from 9.8 to 11.7 inches (24.9 to 29.7 cm) long.

What's in the box?

EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Printer
Black Ink Cartridge
Color Ink Cartridge
Paper Sample Pack
Power supply
Adapter cord
Setup Guide
EasyShare 5000 Series Two-Sided Printing Accessory/Duplexer
Kodak EasyShare Software
EasyShare 5000 Series All-in-One Printer Software

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Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Specifications

Printers Attributes
Print Speed
Color plain paper print speed (Draft/Normal/Best): 22 / 6 / 3 ppm (prints per minute)
B&W plain paper print speed (Draft/Normal/Best): 32 / 10.5 / 5 ppm
Photo print speed - 4X6 Kodak Studio Gloss: 2.14 ppm (28 sec/print)
Photo print speed - 8X10 Kodak Studio Gloss: 0.86 ppm (70sec/print)

Paper Sizes
Plain paper - 20 to 24 lb, Photo paper - 10 mils
Card Stock - 110 lb index max
Envelopes - 20 to 24 lb
Transparency - All inkjet varieties (with or without a widestripe)
Labels - All inkjet varieties on 8.5 x 11 and A4 size sheets
Iron-on Transfer - All inkjet varieties on 8.5 x 11 and A4 size sheets
Wireless Interface
Uses optional Kodak Wireless 2.0 USB Bluetooth
Copy Settings
Best - Produces the highest quality for all paper and eliminates the banding (striping) effect that sometimes occurs in solid areas
Normal - Delivers high-quality output and is the default setting. Normal copies faster than Best
Draft - Produces the fastest copy speed, but the lowest quality
10% - 500%
Scanner Type
Scan Resolution
1200 dpi
Max. Document Size
up to 8 11.7 in. (21.6 29.7 cm), (US letter, A4) via platen only; up to 8 14 in. (21.6 36 cm), (US legal w/ADF)
Memory Card Support
Support Media
xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Secure Digital Card/MultiMediaCard, Compact Flash type I and type II, including microdrives
General Specifications
OS Compatibility
Windows XP & Vista, Mac OS X
Standard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed - Optional Kodak wireless Bluetooth adapter, 2 host ports, 1 device port, EKPTP cameras via camera dock
Software Included
CD-ROM including OS drivers and Kodak EasyShare software
Power Consumption (approx.)
US: 110120 V AC, 60 Hz at ~2 A WW: 110240 V AC, 5060 Hz
Dimension (W x D x H)
18.8W x 16.4D x 11.3H (47.8x41.7x28.7 cm)
26.7 lbs (12.1 kg).
Specifications provided by manufacturer.

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