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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W100

Playback Mode Screens & Menus

Sony DSC-W100

When you press the Playback button, the last image taken is displayed. You can see icons for battery condition, image size, picture number / total number of pictures. Across the bottom is the folder name, image file number and time and date.

Sony DSC-W100

Press the Monitor button to toggle the display of the exposure compensation, ISO speed, flash, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and the histogram graph. Press it again to clear all of the overlay information for playback on the TV screen.

Sony DSC-W100

Playback index mode, nine thumbnail size images are displayed per page. You can quickly search through the stored images and display one full screen.

Sony DSC-W100

While viewing a picture fullscreen you can toggle the telephoto zoom control and zoom-in to the image in multiple steps up to 5x. Once magnified you can scroll around inside of the image using the 4-way selector.

Sony DSC-W100

Movie clip playback screen, audio is replayed through built in speaker.

Sony DSC-W100

You can also Divide a movie in playback. This allows you take a larger movie and separate it into two or more smaller ones, which is very useful when wanting to send them via email.

Sony DSC-W100

Playback menu options:

    Folder - Change the current image folder

    Protect - Protect/unprotect images from accidental erasure

    DPOF - Attach DPOF printing information to image(s)

    Print - Print All In This Folder, DPOF image, Select, or This image

    Slide - Start slideshow, set interval time between images

    Resize - Resize image to 7M, 5M, 3M, 2M or VGA

    Rotate - Rotate portrait mode images for TV display

    Divide - Divide MPEG movie clips

    Setup - Enter the setup menu (see below)

Sony DSC-W100

Images can be resized to smaller resolutions.

Sony DSC-W100

SETUP options - CAMERA:

    AF Mode - Single, Monitor (continuous when LCD is on)

    Digital Zoom - Choose from Precision (8x) or Smart zoom

    Function Guide - Display helpful icons and messages on LCD

    Red Eye Reduction - Enable/disable the flash Red-Eye mode

    AF Illuminator - Auto or Off

    Auto Review - On/Off, allows you to view an image immediately after it has been captured

SETUP options - Memory Stick Tool:

    Format - Format the memory card

    Create Rec. Folder - Creates the folder in which captured images will be stored

    Change Rec. Folder - Allows you to change from created folders

    Copy - Copy files between Memory Sticks

SETUP 1 and 2 options:

    LCD Backlight - Bright, Normal

    Beep - Camera "beep" sounds: Shutter, On, Off

    Language - Set the Menu language

    Initialize - Reset to default

    File Number - SERIES (sequential auto number) or RESET

    USB Connect - USB protocol: PTP, Normal, or PictBridge

    Video Out - NTSC or PAL signal timing

    Clock Set - Set the internal clock

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