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Minolta DiMAGE X60

When you press the Review button the last image captured is displayed full screen with overlay data for file folder and number, image resolution and quality, time and date. If an audio memo has been recorded then you will see the "musical note" icon and a Play prompt at the top of the screen.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

Pressing the Monitor button toggles between the full screen display and the thumbnail index mode shown above.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

A full-screen image can be enlarged 1.2x to 6x in 0.2x steps by pressing the telephoto zoom button. Once an image is enlarged you can scroll around inside of it using the 4-way selector.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

Movie clips can be viewed on the LCD with the audio played back on the internal speaker or you can view them on a TV via the supplied Audio-Video cable.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The length of a movie file can be edited and then saved as a shorter movie.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

You can pause the movie playback and capture a single frame which will be saved as a new 320x240 still image.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

The Play mode menu:

Page 1

    Delete - Delete current frame, marked frames or all frames
    AudioCaption - Add a 15-sec audio memo to image file
    Format - Format the SD card
    Lock - Lock (protect) current frame, marked frames, all frames
    Image pasting - Select a cutout shape and then paste a new image inside of an existing picture.
    Copy - Copy images between cards or to/from internal memory

Page 2

    Slide show - Start automatic playback
    Dissolve - Enable a random dissolve effect for slideshow frames
    Crop frame - Crop a portion of a still image and save as new image
    Frame capture - Capture a frame from a movie file
    Edit movie - Edit the length of a movie

Page 3

    DPOF set - Select images for printing
    Date Print - Print the date with DPOF images
    Index Print - Create an index print with the DPOF order
    E-mail copy - Create smaller size image for e-mail

Minolta DiMAGE X60

Up to a 15-second audio memo can be recorded and attached to still images using the Audio Caption option.

Minolta DiMAGE X60

One of nine overlay shapes can be selected with the Image Paste option. This overlay is positioned on a previously captured image and then allows you to capture a new image that will be pasted into the overlay outline.

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