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Olympus FE-100 Zoom

Features & Controls

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

The FE-100 features a 2.8x optical Olympus zoom lens with a 38mm-106mm (35mm equivalent) focal length and a maximum aperture of f3.0-f/5.0. This is an all-glass lens constructed of 7 lenses in 6 groups.

When powered down the lens retract inside of the body and is protected by an automatic lens barrier.

Equipped with a low-light AF-assist lamp, the contrast detection autofocus system has a range of 19.7" (0.5m) - infinity in normal mode. The Macro mode coverage is from 7.9" (0.2m) 19.7" (0.5m) and the Macro focuses as close as 0.8" (20mm).

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

The built-in speedlight has modes for: Auto, Red-eye Reduction and Fill-in. The maximum working range in wide angle is 2.3 12.5ft (0.2 3.8m) and 1.6 7.2ft. (0.5 2.2m) in telephoto. The flash squelches down nicely for macro exposures.

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

The high resolution 1.5-inch (38mm) color LCD has 130,000 pixels and is used for framing, review and accessing the camera's menu system. There is no optical viewfinder.

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

Controls on the back: Zoom lens controls serve as the Magnify and Index controls in playback mode. The Mode Dial has positions for: P-Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Self Portrait and Movie. The red camera button is Record mode, the green arrow button is forPlayback mode. The 4-way controller is for navigating menus, changing settings and selecting playback images. Press "up" to set exposure compensation, press "right" for macro focus, press "left" for the self-timer and press "down" to reset all to default settings. The OK button accepts menu selections. Under the LCD (L to R) is the Delete Image button, the Menu button and the Flash Mode button

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

On top is the shutter release and the Power on/off button.

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

On the left side are the I/O ports:

Video Out - NTSC or PAL

USB 2.0 (full speed, not high speed) data port.

DC INput for optional AC adapter

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

The FE-100 stores its data with an internal memory of approx. 28MB and on xD-Picture Cards and comes with a 16MB size card. xD cards are currently available up to 1GB in capacity.

Olympus FE-100 Zoom

The FE-100 is powered by two standard AA type batteries (alkaline, lithium or NiMH). We recommend NiMH rechargeables for both financial and ecological reasons. For infrequent use, the one-use lithium batteries are the best choice as they offer a very long shelf life. Check out our Rechargeable Battery Page for info and prices on high-capacity NiMH AA cells.

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