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SELPHY Photo Printer CP600

Review posted 6/6/2005

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The SELPHY Compact Photo Printer CP600 is a small, lightweight and very portable dye diffusion printer that comes with a rechargeable lithium battery pack. It can be used anywhere without a computer when connected directly to a compatible PowerShot digital camera or any PictBridge enabled digital camera. It can also be connected to a PC via its USB port and if you have a camera phone that supports the new IrOBEX protocol, you can print wirelessly via the front-mounted infrared port.

The CP600 is fast thanks to its DIGIC II processor, it cranks out a borderless 4 x 6-inch print in an amazing 63 seconds. The CP600 produces color prints that equal the sharpness and durability of conventional prints made from film negatives. The printer's resolution is 300x300 dpi, more than adequate for a crisply detailed postcard sized image from any 2 megapixel or greater camera. The dye diffusion color process is a continuous tone printing system that renders subtle shadings and realistic colors, 16 million colors to be exact.

The printer covers each print with a clear, protective overcoating that protects it from the effects of sunlight, fingerprints and water. The prints from the CP600 are at least as durable as standard photographic prints made from film negatives.

The sizes of media available are:

  • Bordered or borderless 4 x 6-inch "postcard" prints
  • Bordered or borderless 4 x 8-inch "wide" prints
  • Bordered or borderless credit card size prints 3.4 x 2.1-inch
  • Bordered or borderless credit card size prints with label adhesive
  • Card size with 8-label stickers, 0.9 x 0.7-inch per label.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The CP600 is shown here connected to a PowerShot S410 using its standard USB download cable.

The CP600 does not require you to transfer data from your PowerShot camera into a personal computer and then send it to the printer. Thanks to PictBridge technology, most modern digital cameras can be plugged directly into the CP600.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

When the camera is connected and in Playback mode you will see a "SET" icon in the upper left corner. You press the SET button to access the Print menu. Here you select the printing type; standard or multiple, bordered or borderless, with or without a date stamp. Select the number of copies to make and you can even do some image cropping to make a 4:3 aspect ratio image "fit" into the 4 x 6-inch print area which is a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is where the new "wide" 4 x 8-inch media is useful, you can print uncropped 4:3 aspect ratio images using the wider media.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The CP600 comes with two paper trays, one for the postcard size 4 x 6-inch media and a larger one to handle the 4 x 8-inch "wide" media. If you want to print the smaller credit card size media you will need to purchase the optional PCC-CP100 Paper Cassette and the appropriate print packs.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

Setup and use is easy and clean, this isn't an inkjet printer. You just open the door on the side, insert the dry ink ribbon cartridge, close door, load the paper in the tray, open door in the front, insert paper tray, attach the AC power adapter, plug in USB cable from the camera to the printer and you're good to go!

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The camera (or the computer) controls the printer, the only control on the printer is an On/Off switch. The printer will automatically power down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The CP600 comes with the NB-CP2L 22.2V 1200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. It attaches to the back of the printer and makes it completely portable. A fully charged battery can produce up to 36 postcard-size 4x6-inch prints.

It takes about 150 minutes to fully recharge this battery with the supplied AC power adapter. Li-ion batteries can be charged at any time, hold a charge much longer than NiMH technology batteries and operate better at lower temperatures.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

The available paper kits for the CP600 are:

    KP-36IP - Thirty-six 4 x 6 in. sheets of paper and ink ribbon

    KP-108IP - One hundred-eight 4 x 6 in. sheets of paper and ink ribbon

    KP-24IP - Twenty-four 4 x 8 in. sheets of paper and ink ribbon

    KC-36IP - Thirty-six 2.1 x 3.4 in. sheets of paper and ink ribbon

    KC-18IF - Eighteen credit card size/full label and ink ribbon

    KC-18IL - Eighteen credit card size/mini label (8 stickers per sheet) and ink ribbon

Here's examples of the borderless and bordered 4x6" prints with the tear-off tabs still intact. Credit card size multi and borderless prints and a sticker sheet print with the eight mini-picture labels.

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

Canon SELHPY Photo Printer CP600

CP600 Kit Contents

1. SELPHY CP600 Body
2. Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200
3. Ink Cassette
5. Rechargeable Battery Pack NB-CP2L
6. Cleaner 7. Paper Cassette (4" x 8" size)
8. Paper Cassette (4" x 6" size)
9. Trial Standard Paper (4" x 6" size)

Steve's Conclusion

The CP600 can be easily taken along with you to your next party, family get together or anywhere thanks to its battery pack. It produces brilliant 4 x 6-inch prints in just 63 seconds, 4 x 8-inch prints in 106 seconds or credit card size prints in 40 seconds. Setup and use is easy and simple - there are only a few print-time options that need to be selected such as bordered or borderless or print a date stamp. If you can work your digital camera, you can work this printer.

The CP600 prints are indistinguishable from conventionally processed film prints and are just as durable. Unlike prints from inkjet printers, dye sublimation prints are waterproof thanks to the protective overcoat. This overcoat also prevents UV fading from exposure to daylight, another inkjet print problem.

If you own any PictBridge-compatible camera (most are that were made after mid-2004) then the CP600 can be your ultimate personal photo printer. Want all the same great printing features but don't need the battery portability or the infrared connectivity?   Then check out the less expensive Canon SELPHY CP400 and save some money.

US visitors NB-CP2L Battery Pack for CP-200, CP-300, CP-330 & Selphy CP510, CP600, CP710 CP-600 Photo Printers

$ 79.99 at Crutchfield.com

Canon CP600 Specifications

Print Method Dye-Sublimation thermal transfer with protective overcoating
Resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Gradation 256 levels per color (Y,C,M)
Ink Dedicated ink cassette (Y/ M/ C, overcoating)
Paper-Feed Method Automatic feed from paper cassette
Paper-Eject Method Sheets eject onto top of paper cassette
Print Modes Postcard size (bordered or borderless)
Credit-card size (bordered or borderless)
8-Mini labels (per Credit-card size sheet)
Print Sizes Postcard size: (borderless) 3.94 x 5.83 in./100.0 x 148.0mm
(bordered) 3.60 x 4.80 in./91.4 x 121.9mm

Wide size: (borderless) 3.94 x 7.87 in. / 100 x 200mm
(bordered) 3.6 x 4.8 in. / 91.4 x 121.9mm

Credit card (label) size: (borderless) 2.13 x 3.39 in./54.0 x 86.0mm
(bordered) 1.97 x 2.63 in./50.0 x 66.7mm

8 Mini label size (per one label): 0.68 x 0.87 in./17.3 x 22.0mm

Print Speeds Postcard Size: Approx. 63 sec.
Credit Card Size: Approx. 34 sec.
8-Mini Labels: Approx. 34 sec.
Wide Size: Approx. 78 sec.

Direct Connection to Camera Using camera's USB cable
Connection to Computer Standard A:B USB Cable (Mac and Windows software included with printers)
Infrared Wireless Camera phones using IrOBEX image transfer by "vNote"

Operating Environment 5 40C (41 104F)
20 80%RH (when running)
Power Source DC 24V with Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200, Battery Pack NB-CP2L
Dimensions 7.01 x 5.16 x 2.28 in. / 178.0 x 131.0 x 58.0mm
Weight 30.0 oz./ 850g

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