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Canon Pixma MP760

Review posted 3/22/2005

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The $299 Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One lets you print directly from slides and negatives, includes card slots for direct digital photo printing and features a large 2.5-inch color LCD screen for viewing images. In addition to photo prints, users can also scan and make color copies with the versatile MP760.

The MP760 boasts speed, dynamic handling of various media types, and outstanding image quality whether scanning, copying or printing photos. The built-in film and negative scanner and Contrast PLUS five-color ink tank system emphasize that this is the optimal MFP for the photo enthusiast who wishes to copy, print or archive heirloom photos or print the latest digital masterpiece.

The top-mounted, letter-size flatbed image scanner includes an integrated film adapter unit (FAU) that lets you scan a 35mm slide or negative at up to 2400 x 4800 dpi. With the included film holders, users can batch scan up to six negative frames or four mounted slides. The included ScanGear software helps to identify and remove defects caused by dust and scratches on the surface of originals and also has an auto image adjust feature to help correct faded documents and faded film.

In addition to printing directly from slides and negatives, users can print their photos directly from most popular flash memory cards using the MP760ís built-in card slots. The built-in color LCD screen lets you preview, select and edit pictures before printing from memory cards and film scans. For added convenience, the MP760 features PictBridge technology for direct photo printing from PictBridge compatible digital cameras and camcorders.

The MP760 has a second front-feeding paper cassette in addition to the standard auto sheet feeder located on top of the printer. The dual-paper path allows the printer to be loaded with both plain paper and photo paper or different sized papers simultaneously, so both documents and photos can be printed without the need for stopping and changing paper. You can switch easily between the two sources by using the paper feed selector switch on the front of the printer or via the printer driver.

The MP760 utilizes Canon's unique five-color ContrastPLUS ink system, which, in addition to the high-speed text and graphics pigment-based black ink tank, incorporates a dye-based photo-grade black ink tank for photo printing, helping to deliver excellent image contrast and overall sharpness, particularly when used on photo paper. All PIXMA printers feature the exclusive Canon FINE high-performance print heads. FINE technology (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) delivers sub-micron level precision during the printing process. FINE print heads are the only consumer-oriented print heads to achieve an actual 1,200 dpi nozzle pitch and are manufactured without machining or assembly.

Pixma MP760 Features:

  • All-in-one photo printer, flatbed scanner, 35mm film scanner, color copier, and multi-format card reader

  • 5-color photo ink system, individually replaceable tanks for economy

  • Dual paper paths with top and bottom trays, auto paper switching

  • Two-sided printing with built-in duplexer

  • Borderless printing in 4 x 6", 5 x 7" and letter sizes

  • Computer-free printing from most digital camera flash cards

  • 2.5-inch color LCD for preview and editing

  • USB 2.0 high speed I/O for printer and card reader drives

  • Direct print from CompactFlash (including Microdrive), SmartMedia, SD, MMC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO memory cards

  • PictBridge Direct USB printing from most modern digicams

The Control Panel

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The left side of the control panel has buttons for the selecting the COPY, SCAN, FILM or PHOTO functions. The Alarm lamp lights if there's a paper jam. The Feed Switch button selects the top auto sheet feeder or the lower paper cassette. The Photo Index Sheet button prints out an index sheet from a memory card full of images. The Two-Sided button enables the duplexer option. And the Slide Show button will let you watch the pictures on a memory card in automated fashion on the color LCD.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

On the right side: the Menu button to access the custom and maintenance settings. The Settings button calls up the menu(s) to configure paper size, media type, and other settings specific to the selected mode. The Stop/Reset button cancels an operation or exits a menu. The On/Off button is the power control. The 4-way controller lets you select pictures and navigate menu screens. Press the OK button to select menu items and confirm selections. The Trimming button lets you crop an image. The Search button lets you find a group of images by the date they were taken. The Black button starts a b&w copy operation, the Color button starts a color copy.

Two Paper Sources

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The MP760 has two paper sources; a top-mounted auto sheet loader and an internal cassette in the bottom. Both the upper and lower paper trays can support up to 150 sheets of letter-size plain paper as well as 4x6" photo paper, 5x7" photo paper, letter-size photo paper and #10 envelopes. The lower tray is ideal for photo paper as it kept inside of the printer and protected against dust and convenient for quick media changes.

You can load different paper in the top and bottom trays and then select it with either the printer driver or the control panel pushbutton. Both top and bottom trays can be loaded with plain paper, the printer can be set to automatically switch between them when one runs out of paper.

The MP760 features a built-in duplexer and can easily print on both sides of plain paper or 2-sided photo papers (not recommended for paper sizes smaller than 5x7".) This will cut your paper waste in half when printing out web pages, emails or documents and allows you to create your own "ready to be stapled" photo albums, newsletters or product catalogs.

Scanning and Copying

The MP760 lets you scan analog film prints, 35mm negative strips and mounted slides. On top is a letter-sized flatbed image scanner that's capable of being used to digitize prints or function as a single-sheet copier for documents. You can create borderless copies of photos or documents in credit card, 4"x6", 5"x7" and letter sizes. Paper documents can be stored electronically as PDF files with the 'Scan-to-PDF' function from within the driver.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

To make a copy lift up the lid, place your document face-down, close the lid and press the COPY button.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

Press the Settings button to change media type, size, print quality or scaling. If the settings are good then press the "Black" button to make a monochrome copy or "Color" to make color copy.

The SCAN button is used to digitize photos and can only be used when the MP760 is connected to a computer, it works with the ScanGear program (see below.)

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

To make prints from or digitize 35mm negatives or slides you remove the reflective panel in the scanner lid to expose the builtin film adapter unit (FAU). You'll find the film carriers stored on the backside of the reflective panel. The 35mm negative strip carrier handles up to six frames and the 35mm mounted slide carrier (shown above) that holds up to four slides. A guide on the top of the scanner deck aligns the film carrier so it's properly positioned with the FAU.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The LCD screens for direct-printing from 35mm slides or negatives.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The included ScanGear software can be launched from the MP Navigator program or called up as a TWAIN application from your graphic program. ScanGear can be used for photographs or film, you can batch scan and save six negatives or four mounted slides at a time.

Advanced driver software helps to identify and remove defects caused by dust and scratches on the surface of originals. The auto image adjust feature to help correct faded documents and faded film. The direct print feature also enables users to scan their slides or negatives and go straight to print without ever having to use a computer.

Printing from Memory Cards

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

Located on the front are the printer's two built-in flash card slots. The MP760 can read directly from CompactFlash (Type I and II including Microdrives), SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO.  Note: xD-Picture Card, Mini SD and Memory Stick DUO can be used with apropriate adapters.

The card slots are used for direct printing of JPEG or TIFF images and can also be used like a card reader to transfer photos to your hard drive at USB 2.0 speed. The card slots will appear as removable drives whenever a card is inserted.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The large 2.5-inch color LCD can be tilted to any angle so it's easy to see whether you're standing up or sitting down. After you insert a memory card you can browse through your images in much the same manner as you do on your digital camera. You can preview and select images easily with the LCD and control panel.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

Settings Menus:

  • Basic - lets you select the paper size, media type, quality, printing type and date stamping.

  • Optimizer - lets you enable Photo Optimizer PRO (POP) to auto optimize brightness and tone. Enable Vivid Photo to enhance blue and green colors. Enable Noise Reduction to eliminate noise in blue and black areas. Enable Face Brightener to lighten a face when taking in heavily backlit lighting.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

The Trimming function lets you crop out and print only the desired portion of a photo.

USB-Direct PictBridge Printing

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

Located on the front is the PictBridge USB port for direct printing from most modern (year 2004 and newer) digital cameras and video camcorders. Users with a PictBridge-enabled digital camera simply connect to the printer using the camera's standard USB download cable.

Canon PIXMA MP760 Photo-All-in-One

When the camera and printer are connected, the camera's color LCD is used to select the image(s) you want and what options to print them with. Usually it's as simple as select the photo and press the camera's OK button. Shown here are the PictBridge screens from the Canon Powershot S410 camera.

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