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P-440 Photo Printer

Controls & Print Modes

Olympus P-440 Photo Printer

The Mode Selector Dial is the master control on the P-440's front panel. Here you can access the Setup menu, select the Paper size (A4, A5), select the desired Input (USB, xD or PCMCIA), select the picture(s) to print and select the desired output mode (Standard, Card, Photo Album, Passport or Index.)

Olympus P-440 Photo Printer

The Enlarge button is used to crop and zoom (enlarge) pictures as well as adjust the trimming size. The Index button is used to display the thumbnail index and adjust the trimming size. The Rotate button is used to rotate pictures in Album mode. The 1.8" color LCD panel provides a color preview of pictures and access to menu options. The 4-way Arrow buttons are used to select detailed parameters and settings for each mode and will be explained in more detail below. The Menu / Print Cancel button displays detailed parameters for each mode and is used to cancel printing. The OK / Select button is used to accept settings and select pictures for printing. The big PRINT button is pressed to start printing.

(Note: All of these screens were captured from the printer's Video Out port and is exactly what you see on the color LCD or television screen.)

In Picture Select mode you can view images in full-screen mode or in either 4-up or 9-up thumbnail pages. Press the Select button to select a picture for printing or press the Enlarge button to trim/zoom a picture.

This mode is used to select the pictures to be printed in the Standard, Card, Photo Album or Passport modes.

The Standard mode is used to print a single picture on an entire sheet of paper or print out up to a maximum of 16 selected pictures on an A4 sheet (a maximum of 6 prints on A5 wide paper.)

Menu options for Layout (1 pic to 16 pics), Print Date (Date, Time, Date+Time), Filter (Off, B&W, Sepia).

The Card mode is for printing on the special-purpose card paper to make a single picture or multiple selected pictures. The P-A4P paper must be used for the "Postcard" setting and P-4AL paper for the "4 Precut" setting.

Menu options for Size (Postcard, 4 Precut), Print Date (Date, Time, Date+Time), Filter (Off, B&W, Sepia), Stamp (one of 10 images can be sized and located in the picture).

The Photo Album mode allows you to print out pictures in the form of a photo album. You can optionally add a background image or stamp or decorate pictures with a frame.

Menu options for Paper orientation (landscape or portrait), Layout (A4/Vertical 1-up, 2-up, 3-up, 4-up, 6-up. A4/Horizontal 1-up, 2-up, 3-up, 4-up, 6-up), Print Date (Date, Time, Date+Time), Filter (Off, B&W, Sepia), Stamp (one of 10 images can be sized and located in the picture), Frame (Off, Blackline, White, Shadow, Wood, Metal, ShadeOff) and Background (User registered, Tile with one of 5 builtin images).

The Passport mode lets you place one picture or reserved multiple pictures for printing onto one sheet. Only A4 and A6 Wide paper can be used for Passport printing.

Menu options for Layout, please see the animation above as there are lots of them. For the layouts with "S" indicated, a reserved image is printed onto a full sheet of paper. For the layouts with "D" indicated, multiple reserved images are printed on a single sheet. Filter (Off, B&W, Sepia)

The Index mode lets you print out an index sheet of thumbnail images of all pictures recorded on a xD-Picture Card or other type of memory card.

Menu options for Paper orientation (landscape, portrait, postcard or 4 precut), Layout (A4 vertical - 45 pictures or 84 pictures [draft mode], A4 horizontal - 49 pictures or 81 pictures [draft mode]), Date (Date or Time), Print Filename (On, Off), Sort (Up or Down), Last Page (Print, Don't Print).

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