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Selphy DS700 Compact Photo Printer

(Windows) Printer Driver (cont.)

Canon Selphy DS700 Compact Photo Printer

The Effects page lets turns your photo into a simulated color illustration, slide the lever to increase or decrease the effect. You can also create a monochrome effect like Sepia, Pink, Blue, Green or select a custom color. The Vivid Photo option enhances the green and blue colors and contrast and may be too much for some images. You can also enable or disable the Image Optimizer or Photo Optimizer PRO enhancements which help produce better enlargements from lower resolution images. The Photo Noise Reduction option helps reduce speckle noise often found in blue areas such as the sky. It has two settings: Normal and Strong.

Canon Selphy DS700 Compact Photo Printer

The Profiles page lets you load, create or save custom sets of printer parameters for the type of printing jobs that you do frequently.

Canon Selphy DS700 Compact Photo Printer

The Maintenance page lets you clean the print heads with options for a regular cleaning cycle or a "deep" cleaning cycle for really clogged heads. There are also options for aligning the heads or checking the print nozzles. And the Ink Counter Reset option that you need to execute after changing ink tanks. From here you can also start the Status Monitor (see next frame.)

Canon Selphy DS700 Compact Photo Printer

The Status Monitor shows you visibly the level of ink in each chamber of the ink tank. When one goes low the Status Monitor will pop-up to alert you. Unlike most of the other Canon photo printers, the Selphy uses a single combination 3-color ink tank, not separate ink tanks.

You must manually reset the Ink Counter after replacing the ink tank, either from the onscreen menu or via the software driver if connected to a computer.

Steve's Conclusion

The Selphy DS700 is Canon's first dedicated 4x6" inkjet photo printer and can become a useful part of today's digital family. The primary purpose of the Selphy DS700 is as a digital photo "display and print" component in your home entertainment center. Place it next to your big screen TV and enjoy slideshows of your favorite digital photos directly from most popular flash memory cards. Control the action from the comfort of your easy chair with the included infrared remote control. When someone sees a photo that they want a print of you just press a button and about a minute later you can hand them a beautiful 4x6" print.

As with all new Canon photo printers, the Selphy DS700 features PictBridge technology so you can connect most modern digicams directly to the printer with its USB download cable. Select the photo(s) desired on the camera's color LCD and then print them, most anywhere, without need of a computer or TV set. And if that's not enough, the printer is also compatible with many new cellphone/cameras that can transmit their images wirelessly to a printer via infrared. Of course the Selphy DS700 can also be connected to Windows and Mac OS computers and used like any other photo printer.

The print quality on Canon Photo Paper Pro media is about equal to that of the prints from the Canon i850/i860 and other 3-color photo printers. It isn't as brilliant or fast as the Canon PIXMA photo printers but for the majority of today's digital camera users it will do the job just fine if all you need is 4x6" prints. The Selphy DS700 serves as 3 digital camera peripherals in one small, compact and lightweight package; a TV slideshow viewer, a 4x6" photo printer and a flash memory card reader (when it's connected to your computer.)

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